About TNP

About The National Post

The National Post is a British Newspaper successfully targeting a younger, professional and more fast paced demographic with a huge focus on local news stories, personalities, and going at the core of  what makes most of our major British cities thrive.  The National Post newspaper  fits into this hectic lifestyle offering our advertisers a highly effective means of reaching a demographic that was until now untouchable by traditional newspapers. A key to our unique selling point is by offering an updated daily digital newspaper and a monthly printed format which includes several vouchers and discounted deals from restaurants, hotels, bars, cinemas, and several highstreet shop giving our readers a quality print paper that saves them money and providing our advertisers with a fresh way of targeting consumers and most importantly keeping them enticed by their discounted monthly curated offerings. By incorporating into our  print campaign scripted street teams, Ads on Feet and strategically positioned hawkers in high-traffic, commuter-heavy locations, we offer your business an unheard of level of public awareness. Attract and reach urban, affluent, young professionals not being reached by traditional newspapers with a unique offering that not only brings them news, interviews, local, regional and national stories but most importantly saves them money…the National Post, is  ‘Your Voice’ , Your Nation’ , ‘Your Newspaper’ .

Staff List:

Kevin O’ Reilly

Executive Editor, Current Affairs
Tim Marlow

News Editor
Matt Stevenson

Homepage Editor
Tricia Williams

Senior Editor
Laura Campbell

News Reporters
Jackie Hartley
Simon Roswell
Steve Goldsmiths
Anne Coldfield
Kathy Moore

Video Editor
Jay Williams

Executive Editor, Politics
Matt Stevenson

Assistant Political Editor
Natalie Simmons

Political Reporters
Gabriella Davis
Paul Day

Social Media Editor
Viren Kirpalani

Social Media Writer
Jesse Sokari George

Group Picture Editor
Caroline Ahmed Khan

Assistant Picture Editor
Sam Clements

Tech Editor
Lauren Allen

Tech Reporter
Christine Birch

Celebrity Editor
Shereen Martins

Entertainment Editor
David Willis

Entertainment Reporters
Bethany Hollister
Claire Masters
Tony Hampton

Senior Lifestyle Editors
Hannah Locke
Jamie McTravis

Lifestyle Writers
Hariette Cridland
Daniel Curtis
Alex Sneddon
Nicola Welche

Advertising Dept:

Advertising Executive
Viren Kirpalani

Marketing Executive
Jesse Sokari George

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