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Government plans for Self employed during the Corona Crisis

Job Retention Scheme & furloughing staff
  • We are waiting for official confirmation from HMRC, that directors, even sole directors, can be furloughed under the Job Retention Scheme for their PAYE element. It will probably mean that all employees will need to furloughed too and will allow directors to continue with their statutory duties such as filing VAT Returns. Directors are likely to be also asked to stop all revenue-generating work such as speaking to clients and working on future projects if they are to furlough themselves.
  • Self-employed individuals i.e. sole traders can carry on working on their trade, and still take the grant.  There is a requirement that the business has to be expecting to lose profits as a result of the virus, to be able to claim this grant, but I suppose most businesses, and HMRC, won’t actually know if that is the case until next year’s tax return.  So there may eventually be a reclaim option by HMRC. We also think that self-employed can also take on other PAYE work during this time.
  • There is now clarity that employees who have been furloughed can then be made redundant subsequently, even during the furlough period.  Minimum furlough period is 3 weeks
  • Employees who have been furloughed have the option to take on other temporary work.
Rates grants
  • We have heard that tenants of coworking office spaces such as WorkLife could be eligible for Small Business Grant Fund. If the office space provider included your business on the rates listing as at 11th March you may be eligible for the £10k grant.
Business Interruption Loan Scheme

  • It has been confirmed that CBILS lenders’ fees will also be paid by the government as well as 12 months interest.  Some are offering capital repayment holidays too, so potentially there are no cash outlays for these loans at all for the initial period.

  • There are a number of other lenders who are still in the process of applying for CBILS accreditation, (Funding Circle, Market Finance, etc) but it appears to be taking some time.  If these fintech’s obtain that accreditation, it could be a ‘game changer’ due to the speed they can turn deals around, but it is to be noted they will most likely ask for personal guarantees for all loans, even those below  £250k.
Tax Deferrals

  • HMRC are being very supportive with PAYE/NIC tax deferrals, even up to July.  It is expected that there will be an automatic deferral announced soon just like VAT and then phone calls won’t need to be made. However, if you have a larger employee base, please do get in touch as it will still be best to make that call to HMRC now and get that agreement.

  • It is also rumoured that HMRC will be supportive with 12 to 18 month time to pay agreements in due course, which will need to be supported by cash flow statements. If you do not have a cash flow statement set up please get in touch as it is now imperative to check the status of your business as well as being able to apply for the schemes.
Keep up to date with all the information on our resource hub here, which is being updated daily with any new information as and when it is released.

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Van Hechter returns with brand new single “I Am”


Van Hechter is a pop artist who grew up between Canada, France, and the U.S.A who we have featured a few times. He is back with a new single “I Am” taking from his strongest album to date; ”Love Elastic”We decided to catch up with Van to discuss this single and his journey so far…

How has 2021 been for you so far?
Strangely 2021 has been full of trepidation so far! I started the year going through such extreme emotions; passion, lust, desperation, heartbreak, more love, and lust found elsewhere, joy, old friendships reconfirmed, and new ones emerging… Meanwhile one of my songs was #1 in Chicago. It was crazy! And I got crazy as a result– good crazy, mostly! LOL!

Do you feel as though, there is a more positive outlook for the rest of the year?
Well, I suppose it depends where you are… NYC and the USA, in general, are doing well, Europe isn’t… South America, well…

Your brand new single is called “I Am” from the album “Love Elastic”. What is the story behind “I Am”?
I just sat down, wrote my strengths and flaws- now. This is who I am at this age. I wanted to be honest about it. And it was a fun process- to not sugar coat me.

The video was shot between December and March in California via Florida. Was it a huge challenge filming a music video during the lockdown and how did you overcome these challenges?
In this case- easy. I just filmed myself whenever I had time, a friend shot Florida and Palm Springs… We kept it simple.

What’s the concept of the video and who came up with the concept and storyboard for the video?
The concept came from me. I’m very scrappy LOL! I say ”use everything”… I was there, the weather was gorgeous… I started filming little videos for my godchildren, cousins abroad… At some point I thought; ”Ok this is the next video”. As simple as that!

Your music is usually based on personal experience. Do you think your next album will document lockdown or would you prefer to avoid tapping into that negative experience?
HELL NO! I refuse to do COVID songs lol! I’ve got 2 albums in the making… One is about homosexuality in the 2020’s- how far we’ve come yet how much work is ahead, the other is about great hearts and the power of infinite love.

“I am full of love, full of life- everything is music I believe in magic”, that is a line from your new single “I Am”. Not many people have managed to achieve a balance of being full of love and full of life. What would you say are your top 5 tips to get people especially young people to start loving themselves more?
Tip 1: Don’t be afraid of looking like a fool. Those who laugh at you for being you ARE the fools!
Tip 2: So what if you fail? Still better than trying nothing!
Tip 3: Never ever ever ever give up on dreams you feel make sense in your gut.
Tip 4: Find your own beauty- inwards and out. Don’t let social standards rule- invent your own fabulousness and glow.
Tip 5: Friendship can truly turn into the family if you pour enough love into it- but you gotta pick the right people.

What is next for your music in the future and what can your fans expect from you?
Well- as mentioned earlier, I have 2 albums in the making… I just want to play live in front of as many audiences as possible in as many cities as I can! What should my fans expect?? I will be irreverent when I’m supposed to conform and submit. I will be well-mannered/posh in vulgar environments.

Any final last words to all those who consistently continue to support you and to our readers?
Darlings, darlings, darlings; where would I be without you? You’ve made me a full man. You are everything to me.

Is the vaccine really safe or have we been sold a lie?


Are you excited about the Covid-19 vaccines or not? Are there any doubts following the recent revelation that the Astra Zenza vaccine has led to adverse reactions amongst thousands worldwide? Here are some important questions and answers that have actually been given by the Government officials before considering getting back vaccinated with any of the Covid-19 vaccines.

The National Post:  if I get back vaccinated, can I stop wearing a mask?

Government officials:  “no”

The National Post:  if I get vaccinated will the restaurants, bars, schools, fitness clubs, hair salons, and other Government officials declared non-essential businesses reopen? and will people be able to get back to work like normal

Government officials:  “no”

The National Post: Will I be resistant to COVID-19?

Government officials:  maybe but we don’t know exactly so probably not

The National Post:  if I get vaccinated at least I won’t be contagious to others right?

Government officials: no the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission

The National Post: Well, if I get vaccinated how long will the vaccine last?

Government officials: No one knows, all covid vaccines are still in the experimental stage and it’s likely you’ll need to get boosters to stay current then there’s the issue of various strains.

The National Post:  Can I stop social distancing once I get the vaccine?

 Government officials: No

The National Post: if my parent’s grandparents and myself all get vaccinated can we see each other again?

Government officials:  No

The National Post:  So what’s the benefit of getting vaccinated?

Government officials:  The hope is that you can protect others who are vulnerable.

The National Post: Can the vaccine protect others who are vulnerable?

Government officials: No

The National Post: If the vaccine kills you or I experience a severe adverse reaction long-term side effects which are still unknown or die from the vaccine will I or my family be compensated by the vaccine manufacturer or the Government officials?

Government officials Absolutely not,  the Government officials and vaccine manufacturers have zero liability regarding this experimental drug so to summarise the cover 19 vaccine does not provide immunity does not eliminate the virus does not prevent death does not guarantee you will get it does not stop you from passing it on to others does not eliminate the need for mass wearing and social distancing does not eliminate the need for travel bans, does not eliminate the need for business closures doesn’t eliminate the need for lockdowns and take it and get harmed by it the companies and Government officials will not be liable and you will not be compensated so if you are going to roll up your sleeves and play the part of gullible Guinea pig and take this experimental unapproved drug that offers zero benefits and could cost you your life you are on your own. The word “Government officials “actually means mind control. It is etymologically originated from the ancient Latin language. It Splits into two words:1) (guvernare) meaning “to control” and 2) (mens or mentis) meaning “mind”. So, they are doing exactly what they are paid to do, and some people still don’t believe they are being mind-controlled.

Today, I just read these highlights news from an essential document called SPARS 2025- 2028 which has to do with the future injuries from this vaccine. So first we’re going to start talking about the neurological symptoms you can’t even believe it inside of SPARS it says that children are going to be getting neurological symptoms, people are getting neurological symptoms and we were six months to a year later and that’s what we call a delayed weapon. Naturally, there are several Doctors campaigning that the vaccine after showing no adverse side effects for nearly a year, vaccine recipients slowly will begin to experience symptoms as time passes and more people across who were vaccinated will start claims of adverse side effects.

According to the document, it began to emerge as the investigations grew in intensity several high ranking officials at the CDC and FDA were forced to step down and withdraw from Government officials as they finally realised that a majority of the health officials and the politicians are being setup to take the fall for this and whilst they might be gaining financially through awarding contracts to their nearest and dearest or setting up and registering fake companies to siphon money. In the end, they too were part of the giant setup. So, the question I ask is the vaccine safe or not?  You, do your own research, make your own phone calls, ask your own question and use your freedom of choice.


86% of Brits have asserted that thermostat arguments have led to bigger issues in their relationship!


86% of Brits have asserted that thermostat arguments have led to bigger issues in their relationship!
60% of men initiate the argument about the heating, compared to only 51% of women giving their
partner the cold shoulder.

48% of respondents claimed that the most recurring argument about heating was over the cost of
energy bills!

69% of Brits will immediately turn the heating on or when they feel a chill. With the big freeze forecast for this coming weekend in the UK, the need to feel cosy and warm indoors is paramount. However, with it comes to the age-old argument over the thermostat.
With this in mind, HeatingForce.co.uk were interested to find out how often UK couples argue about the
thermostat. To accomplish this, Heating Force surveyed 2,842 people from popular cities across the UK to seek
out the answer – and to find out to what extent couples bicker over the temperature!
48% of Brits argue over the cost of energy bills!
Heating Force was keen to explore the impact keeping the temperature hot or cold has on
couples. 62% of respondents admitted that they have argued with a partner over the temperature. With 72% revealing that they argue, on average, 6 times over the winter. 60% of men initiate the argument about the heating, compared to only 51% of women giving their partner the cold shoulder.
As expected, 48% of respondents claimed that the most recurring argument about heating was over the cost of energy bills! Shockingly, taking into consideration the stereotypical UK weather, 30% of Brits claim to have argued against turning the heating on because they’re already too hot.

In a bid to avoid arguments altogether a whopping 75% of Brits admit to changing the temperature behind
their partners’ backs! Not only do they admit to having done the act, but 43% then go on to declare that they change it all the time!
86% of Brits have asserted that these arguments have led to bigger issues in their relationship!
UK cities who brave the cold

Birmingham is the least likely city to turn their heating on with 52% avoiding the thermostat and 74%
of people keeping an average temperature of just 18 ◦ c.

 In a second, Nottingham with 71% of people preferring average temperatures of 19.4 ◦ c.
 Closely followed by Derby with 64% at 20 ◦ c and Worcester with 62% at 21 ◦ c.
 Closing the ‘coldest’ top five is Leicester with an average heating temperature of 21.2 ◦ c.
 At the other end of the thermostat, Newcastle roasting at a toasty 25 ◦c or above! ​
For Immediate Release
 Edinburgh wasn’t too far off, with residents feeling most comfortable with 24.6◦ c.
Fighting to keep warm
After trawling through the responses, Heating Force can share what the top three go-to’s to keep warm in the
UK are:
 69% of Brits will immediately turn the heating on or up when they feel a chill.
 Wrapping up in extra layers – The slightly more cost-efficient method chosen by 58% of people to get
that cosy feeling indoors.
 Make a hot drink

– 33% of Brits will initially make a hot beverage before approaching the thermostat!

Exclusive Interview with Simon Andersson as he talks about his new release “Better Day”


After a year of co-releasing with other artists, Simon Andersson is back on the music scene. With this self-penned and self-produced piece of music art. There is no doubt to any serious listener that this is a world-class production and a very powerful song. To be able to pull off. The writing, the production, and mixing aside from playing the piano, guitars, and performing the vocals, is something few can master. And it shows us just how musically accomplished this Swedish artist really is.

Better Day is about being there for others when they need a helping hand. As well as realizing just. How dependent you are on someone lending you a hand in your time of need. We all need a friend.2020 has shown us all just how fragile our world really is and the things we take for granted. Living in such turmoil times it is important that we raise our heads, stand together, and keep our faith going forward towards a better day.

Simon Andersson is making a name for himself on the international scene, handling multiple. Genres both as an artist, writer, and music producer. He walked off the Fonda theatre stage in Hollywood winning” Best Song of The Year” back in 2013. Went on a recording trip to Nashville and climbed the Music Row Charts with two singles. CMA Music Festival, with 250.000 visitors, invited him two years in a row and his international fanbase started to grow.

Back in Sweden, Simon built his own recording studio and is currently on a blazing trail, merging musical genres and styles. With about one million streams on Spotify alone, Simon is recharging his sound going forward and has no intentions of slowing down. Better Day is Simon’s first solo release in two years and the starting point of a new chapter. A nice blend of pop music and indie rock. BIG guitars and HUGE drums reminding us of Phil Collins and arena rock. Yet a subtle intro featuring the piano and Simons’s intimate voice. Halfway through there is an instrumental break building up to the full-fledged end chorus.

This part features the sound that gave this song its nickname;” The Alarm Song”.

We managed to catch up with Simon for an exclusive interview for the National Post..

What inspired you to get into music?
Music has ALWAYS been my life. As a baby, I used to hit my mom’s pots and pans in the kitchen, driving her nuts, ha ha. Drums actually became my first instrument and I got my first teacher as I was five. On a side note, I was taught by Patrick Alain Jean who toured the world with Demis Roussos.

Then I was fortunate to have great mentors and was constantly in a musical environment. That really sparks your development! I did music collage and have a master in music education from the university. Also watched a lot of music videos and stuff when I was young. I mean like three to eight years old. I guess that’s the short answer. My dad also played for me when I was going to sleep at night. I think that really became the foundation of my musicality.

How would you describe your music?
Diverse. My inspiration comes from the early days of rock ’n’ roll to contemporary music.
Or why not a classical piece or a cool blues riff? The important thing is that music connects with you and moves you. Music has a soul. You got to pay attention to that and put your heart into it. A lot of people are in this business for the wrong reasons. It’s not about the money, it’s a passion. I want people to feel something when they listen to my music and turn up on a live gig where we have a unique experience together.

What would you say is your recording and songwriting style?
I always write music and melody first. Always. That’s where the soul is. Then come to the lyrics and put the icing on the cake. ONE WORD can have a tremendous impact on a song and the lyrics are very important. But it has to start with something that’s WOW musically. When it comes to recording it depends. These days most things are done track by track. So is Better Day, my new release. But I try to work with different musicians as much as I can ’cause everyone brings something to the table that you wouldn’t think of yourself. I’m fortunate to be able to write, produce, record, and mix my own music. I’m not dependent on someone else to be able to put something out there. I’ve spent years learning all of that and you are constantly learning new things. But it’s just a nice thing to work with others and it inspires you too. Which is so important. One thing I have to say when it comes to recording is this. If you are a bunch of musicians going into a studio and record something TOGETHER, there’s magic happening. You can’t replace that ever with programming and track by track.

Listen on Spotify here and on Orchard here

Norman Alexander releases “No Goodbyes”


“No Goodbyes” is the debut release from Norman Alexander. The single was mastered by 3-time Grammy Award winner Randy Merrill and produced by Brian Sheil. So, with such big names already attached to the project, we had big expectations.

“Music’s greatest gift is its highest honor,” says Mike Jean, CEO of MLife Music Group, “A salve for souls.
‘No Goodbyes’ is a song for anyone who has ever lost someone. Humankind is suffering its darkest time in modern history. And ‘No Goodbyes’ gives our sorrow words.”  Words which ring so much truth being that we are in the middle of what has been a catastrophic pandemic.

This song is certainly steeped in adrenaline but chill-inducing in a way that is only possible when a sense of urgency finds no relief, the beats that power the backend of  Norman Alexander’s “No Goodbyes” making it much a cornerstone of the singer/songwriter’s construction of a narrative.

While March has been quite the groove-laden month for indie musicians around the world, “No Goodbyes” is easily one of this spring’s best debuts and a terrific way of getting to know its enigmatic creator.

Featuring Norman Alexander and American Ballet Theater’s Erica Lall & Carlos Gonzalez In Memoriam video is an experience of darkness and light. Of pain and power. Shot at the apex where the sea touches sky Alexander performs atop the edge of a precipice, styled by celebrity designer and stylist Henry Picado, filmed by Austin Hein Productions, and produced by MLife Music Group.

When asked about his debut release “No Goodbyes,” Alexander says, “It is important that we remember our loved ones just the way they were. We must never forget them, tell the world of the stories they left behind, and say their names so they echo through time.”  With a sound mind and determination to make the best quality music against all odds. I am excited to see what is in store for Alexander in the future especially when it comes to his music.

For more information on Norman Alexander… Follow the links below;

C.W. Franz releases new album


C.W. Franz is an artist from Chicago, Illinois. He describes himself as an enterprising poet with a strange taste in music butchering everything from folk to musique concrete or something.

The latest album entitled “Peloponnesian Grove” is described by C.W. Franz as an “A reflective journey through my years at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Conceived as an outlet to get my more danceable cuts out there, Peloponnesian Grove has evolved into a force of its own. I sincerely hope you enjoy it”.  “Peloponnesian Grove”   was released on the 25th of March 2021and includes tracks such as; Windows (Looking Out), A Moment’s Answers, I Remember Weatogue, Mount Vernon, Monument, Lights Over the Potomac, and Better Days Ahead. 

All instruments have a unique way of speaking to us, the production quality here is quite exceptional, but I think it’s important to note that nothing sounds or feels overdone. Simplicity has always served C.W. Franz’s style of play better than complicated virtuosity has, and he was wise to stick with a fairly straightforward, unvarnished concept with the mastering of this album.

Music like this doesn’t need any fancy bells and whistles to make a big impression on everyone listening, and the truth is told, I don’t believe songs like Windows (Looking Out) and “Better Days Ahead” would be nearly as touching and transcendent in tone were they weighed down with any big frills.

We managed to catch up with C.W. Franz himself for a quick Q&A…

What inspired you to get into music?
I was inspired to start recording and producing music in high school, though I was drawn to music from a very young age. One of my earliest memories is listening to Hard Day’s Night and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on my dad’s lap.

How would you describe your music?
My music pulls from folk, jazz, classical, ambient, and various influences from around the world.. It’s an eclectic approach but it keeps this interesting.

What would you say is your recording and songwriting style?
I’m very spontaneous in how I record my parts for songs. I usually come up with arrangements and lyrics later, but I can create the bedrock for a song in ten to twenty minutes some days. Improvisation provides the foundation, and I expand upon that later.

Where would you like to see your music career in 5 years time?
I want to grow my fan base and continue to make music that I’m proud of. I’m not expecting to become a superstar.

Where can music fans listen to your music?
https://cwfranz.bandcamp.com/ I’m pretty prolific, so it’s updated regularly. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Elektragaaz Releases “The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing Part 1”


Elektragaaz are a global live and virtual instrumental group featuring a mix of live and electronic music with most of the members based in the New York metropolitan area but headed by a mysterious and intensely private Frisian composer using the pseudonym of Poppo Redband but usually referred to as simply Redband. The group exists in both the real world and in a fictional universe, a volatile blend that can be bewitching or bewildering or both. The music too may leave listeners both bewildered and bewitched, drawing on such far flung influences as classical music, hip hop, rock, club, techno, pop, dance, film noir, comic books and video games– all precipitated by Redband’s neurological condition which causes him to see music as well as hear it.

The Elektragaaz project all began with a mysterious phone call to Lloyd on a late spring evening in 2017. Lloyd, in his Manhattan apartment, was idly surfing the web when his iPhone buzzed. After he responded with a “hello,” there was a long pause Then a young voice spoke, in clear English with a smidgeon of an accent: “Hello, I see some music that needs listening”. Lloyd smiled at the odd turn of phrase and asked “OK, and who are you?”. Another long pause. “I don’t use my real name. I go by Poppo Redband but just Redband mostly.” Lloyd gleaned little information on that night or subsequently as to the identity of “Redband”, though in the course of the conversation it appeared that Redband is a fledgling video games developer as well as a composer, purportedly based in Friesland, a province of the Netherlands,. Redband told Lloyd he was working on a musical project that he styled Elektragaaz and wanted to gather collaborators and a producer for what he called his musical “quest”. Following the conversation Redband began to send Lloyd intriguing electronic tracks via WeTranfer, Dropbox and Google Drive, the material originating from an ever changing array of email addresses. Lloyd pulled in the most talented folk available in the New York area for the purposes of the Elektragaaz collaboration, eventually recording a deep and wildly varied collection of instrumental music, a small slice of which will be included in the debut EP.

Thus the the Elektragaaz saga began but it is far from over and continues, with a variety of twists and turns including, for example, the introduction of the characters Tom Elektron, Mat Thunder, Kathy Kaos, Jas Windstorm, Kosmik Kate, Josh Firebow and Steel Mike. And exactly who is Redband? The only image that purports to be him is carefully doctored to hide more than it reveals. But that’s another story for another time.

They have just released “The Synaesthetic Picture Show Now Playing Part 1” , their first digital EP release on AIS Records and distributed by City Hall Records and Orchard.

Major contributors to Elektragaaz include a mix of rising young musical stars and seasoned veterans including Tom McCaffrey, Mathew Muntz, Kathy Sheppard, Mike Nolan, Jasper Shogo Dutz, Kate Amrine and Josh Henderson. Other featured contributors have included Michael Suke Cerulo, Jake Chapman, Lisa Dowling, Luisa Bastidas, Erin Hill and Keve Wilson. The music is arranged and produced by Trebor Lloyd of City Canyons Productions who most recently produced The Painted Caravan Trilogy for The Peter Ulrich Collaboration headed by ex Dead Can Dance percussionist Peter Ulrich.

From the opening single, Dancing with the Queen of Hearts begin this work with a synthesizer augmented splash of a dizzying alternative  sound.  The Magic Knapsack introduces listeners to their typical edgier approach. Seldom are Elektragaaz tempted to indulge in wall-to-wall guitar heroics, so their harder edged tracks are invariably tempered with light and shade. Cabin Fever  is a sharply written, gleaming shot of electronica further fleshed out by a perfectly deployed smattering sound. It’s a tense, tightly wound song suggestive of an animal poising to strike and delivers some memorable high points and climaxes along the way. She Walks It Like She Talks It  is one of the album’s closest moment to an all-out aural assault on the listener and comes rampaging from the speakers embodying the seize the day urgency of its title.

Phil Gumm’s Progress turns desperation into an anthem about survival. It’s a perfect conclusion for the album and, while Elektragaaz  may not yet be packing larger stadiums across multiple continents, it illuminates for a final time the band’s clear ambition. This is a towering lunge towards the heavens and the band’s powers of communication help push their musical and performing talents into even bigger possibilities. The sky is indeed the limit with Elektragaaz and their debut effort.

Click here to listen to Elektragaaz brand new album on Spotify

Fixed fate releases new album ‘Icarus’


Fixed fate is an American rock band based out of Lake George, New York. Formed in 2012 by singer/lead guitarist Jon Bessette, the band features an eclectic sound drawing influence from acoustic ballads all the way to thrash metal. Fixed fate’s first single “Raining Again”, a mellow ballad with the digital B-side “My Letter to You” was released in October 2014. The band continued with a slightly different offering in 2016 with their “Unplugged” EP. After 7 years and hundreds of shows across New York State, the band began promoting the release of their first full length album “A Year in the North”, released May 10th, 2019, featuring 14 brand new original songs. Following the success of their debut, Fixed fate immediately began recording their sophomore effort “Icarus”, a 7 song collection featuring a wide range of emotion released on December 15th, 2020. The lead single “Route 29” was released worldwide on Halloween and the album has brought a wider audience to the band while receiving both commercial and critical acclaim.

The release of  Fix fate’s new album, Icarus, may come to mark the pivotal moment when the band transitioned from indie darlings into mainstream powerhouses. The seven songs on their latest album are substantive musical efforts that transcend label. The band’s songwriting often brings a number of seemingly disparate elements under one tent.

The album’s opener The Degenerate shows  Icarus are expert at fitting square pegs into round holes. Glistening  textures collide with guitars and understated vocals without issue while the song’s melodic aspects seem to keep it floating several inches above the ground at all times.

A Perfect Circle gives new listeners their first full introduction to the band’s lead singer  Jon Bessette.  It’s difficult to not be impressed by the obvious control he has over exploring his range.

Route 29 is a dizzying musical ride. There’s nothing about the pace or tempo that will challenge listeners, but the impressive imaginative leap required to make this track hang together coherently surely propels it to one of  Fix fate’s best moments.  Fix fate  mixes a variety of surprising influences together and there’s hardly a hint of stitching to be seen. Instead, Route 29 is a truly inspiring work bringing together traditionally opposed musical styles into perfect symmetry with each other.

Safe Travels is a much less cluttered, straight forward song, but no less of a surprise in some respects. There are some scintillating blues guitar heroics, but they never lay it on too thick and weave their passages around a compelling backbeat.

Flying Through has a busy  underscore which is more expansive textures while Jon puts his vocal down over the top. The guitar presence in the song is like a necklace of sound, individual notes strung together with just the right amount space between each and adding up to a beauty greater than its individual parts. Much like the iconic, The Tar Pit.

The orchestrated, lush pace of the album’s penultimate song, Pennies, returns the work to its first principals. After the comparatively raucous stomp of the guitar dominated middle, Fix  fate seems to be downshifting into a much quieter gear at  Fix fate’s end. The vocals and sensitive phrasing are quite memorable. Fix fate have scored huge with their most recent release and the promise of tomorrow grows brighter with each release and closer to realization. We decided to catch up with them for an interview about their journey in music so far…

What inspired you to get into music?
I’ve been involved in music for almost my whole life. I grew up listening to a lot of heavy metal and always knew I wanted my own band.

How would you describe your music and what would you say is your recording and song writing style?
Fixed fate covers the spectrum of “rock.” Some of our songs are really soft and only have a couple of tracks on them while others are expansive heavy pieces with multiple guitars, layered harmonies, and heavy transitions. That often affects the songwriting style as some lean more towards simple singer-songwriter acoustic work while others are complex pieces that are slowly worked together over time.

Where would you like to see your music career in 5 years time?
In 5 years I’d like to see about 5 more albums out by the band. I’m not too worried about selling a million records- I just want to make good songs and hopefully a few people will find something out of them.

Where can music fans listen your music?
Fixed fate songs are available on all major streaming platforms.

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Luxury jewelery brand signs Bronze partnership deal with the National Film Awards 2021


The National Film Awards UK is one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in the world. Produced by the National Film Academy in the UK, it is the only European-based film awards ceremony to also host an annual version of ‘National Film & TV Awards in the USA annually.  The academy announced this week that Samantha Siu had joined the list of bronze category sponsors for the awards ceremony. So, we decided to take a quick look at the history behind Samantha Siu, Inc

It all started when  Samantha worked in her family’s jewelry business and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she took classes in jewelry design. While there, she discovered that her interest lay in wax carving. She took a class where she was required to fabricate jewelry cast from her wax design. After Samantha received positive feedback from the class on her final project (a necklace), she realized she had designed something special, and vowed to create a jewelry line off of it when the time was right.  This experience literally led to her establishing her very own luxury brand  Samantha Siu, Inc.

Samantha Siu, Inc has one primary purpose of creating unique and well-crafted jewelry that spreads good and spreading good comes as second nation to  Samantha who is both the President and Chief Creative Director of the brand. She grew up within the jewelry industry but found her first passion through high school summer trips to China teaching underprivileged children English. She dreamed of a fulfilling life dedicated solely to volunteer work. However, an aunt reminded her that, “the greatest impact can only be achieved through proper funding.”

Each necklace purchased from Samantha’s “A Love Affair” collection will have 10% of its net profit donated to the Phoenix International Foundation, a faith-based non-profit. It was created as a sister organization to Samantha Siu, Inc, and provides aid to global projects that are meaningful to the Samantha Siu story. Most recently they announced that due to the current situation regarding the Coronavirus; 20% of all purchases will go towards providing masks to children in third world countries as well as supporting  The Endangered Asian Elephant Project By Save Elephant Foundation. 

It seems as the brand keeps giving, it keeps receiving more amazing opportunities as Samantha Siu, Inc has recently been announced as a Bronze category sponsor for the 6th annual National Film Awards UK which is scheduled to take place on the 1st of July 2021.  Samantha Siu, Inc. will be sponsoring the Best Screenplay category at the prestigious awards ceremony set to take place at the Porchester Hall in London, UK.

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Being screwed over by politicians never felt so good as it does with the new politically charged single from RX Bertoldi


Seattle’s Robert Bertoldi is an accomplished singer-songwriter nominated for and winning many awards, including the John Lennon Song Contest, American Songwriter’s Magazine Song of the Year, and Lyric Contest- so it should come as no surprise that he has developed a talent for constructing politically incorrect songs into feel-good blues folk rock sing-alongs.

Such is the case with RX Bertoldi’s latest single, “Charlatans and Puppet Show” released earlier this year, and discovered on NewRockStars, immediately sways the listener away from the heaviness of the lyrics, into gleefully singing along to a song about political angst, division and unrest.

R.X. Bertoldi achieves this with the use of raspy choruses and swingin’acoustic blues chord progressions that lead the dance with a twang, so that when you sing along to the lyrics, you end up feeling like you’re having a good time instead of experiencing unsettling political divide. There is a tension of opposites weaved throughout the track but R.X. Bertoldi is so experienced at crafting blues folk pop songs for adults, that he has made the burden of the lyrics feel like a good time instead of politically brooding.

It is clear throughout the song that that R.X. Bertoldi is letting us know that the U.S. has employed and put into place, some very weak leaders. Maybe that’s because R.X. Bertoldi arrived at songwriting relatively late, in his mid-30s, and as a result, has a broader concern about his world and how it leaves it. Bob’s songs are often reflective, centering on relationships, love, friendship, marriage, family, and socio-political issues such as mental health, racism, wrongful incarceration and more.

Over a driving southern blues groove, the song reflects on America’s recent political and social landscape, suggesting that is it “time to pull” the plug on a Charlatan & Puppet Show. Sarcastic one-liners like “now we watch ‘em hold up a Bible/as though he’s pledgin’ for the Lord above/ next they’ll lead us all in another song about brotherly love/but it’s all a clever sham/and it’s plain to see/it’s clear as a clean fish boat/here is the U.S.A/we got a charlatan and puppet show

By the time the listener makes it to the chorus, the steady grooves of the rhythm section already has them toe tapping, making it impossible-even for even the most stoic of conservatives- to resent this song just for its political message alone.

Charlatan & Puppet Show is tongue-and-cheek-take on a fiery politically topic of divide that is served up in with such slow hand grooves that it becomes more a masterclass on the blues rock sensibilities of Eric Clapton’s “Lay Down Sally” classic 80’than it is a commentary on the controversial Trump era.

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