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Government plans for Self employed during the Corona Crisis

Job Retention Scheme & furloughing staff
  • We are waiting for official confirmation from HMRC, that directors, even sole directors, can be furloughed under the Job Retention Scheme for their PAYE element. It will probably mean that all employees will need to furloughed too and will allow directors to continue with their statutory duties such as filing VAT Returns. Directors are likely to be also asked to stop all revenue-generating work such as speaking to clients and working on future projects if they are to furlough themselves.
  • Self-employed individuals i.e. sole traders can carry on working on their trade, and still take the grant.  There is a requirement that the business has to be expecting to lose profits as a result of the virus, to be able to claim this grant, but I suppose most businesses, and HMRC, won’t actually know if that is the case until next year’s tax return.  So there may eventually be a reclaim option by HMRC. We also think that self-employed can also take on other PAYE work during this time.
  • There is now clarity that employees who have been furloughed can then be made redundant subsequently, even during the furlough period.  Minimum furlough period is 3 weeks
  • Employees who have been furloughed have the option to take on other temporary work.
Rates grants
  • We have heard that tenants of coworking office spaces such as WorkLife could be eligible for Small Business Grant Fund. If the office space provider included your business on the rates listing as at 11th March you may be eligible for the £10k grant.
Business Interruption Loan Scheme

  • It has been confirmed that CBILS lenders’ fees will also be paid by the government as well as 12 months interest.  Some are offering capital repayment holidays too, so potentially there are no cash outlays for these loans at all for the initial period.

  • There are a number of other lenders who are still in the process of applying for CBILS accreditation, (Funding Circle, Market Finance, etc) but it appears to be taking some time.  If these fintech’s obtain that accreditation, it could be a ‘game changer’ due to the speed they can turn deals around, but it is to be noted they will most likely ask for personal guarantees for all loans, even those below  £250k.
Tax Deferrals

  • HMRC are being very supportive with PAYE/NIC tax deferrals, even up to July.  It is expected that there will be an automatic deferral announced soon just like VAT and then phone calls won’t need to be made. However, if you have a larger employee base, please do get in touch as it will still be best to make that call to HMRC now and get that agreement.

  • It is also rumoured that HMRC will be supportive with 12 to 18 month time to pay agreements in due course, which will need to be supported by cash flow statements. If you do not have a cash flow statement set up please get in touch as it is now imperative to check the status of your business as well as being able to apply for the schemes.
Keep up to date with all the information on our resource hub here, which is being updated daily with any new information as and when it is released.

Hire a Luxury Chauffeur Service for your next trip and enjoy a new way to travel

W Discover the luxury bespoke ground transportation company, providing chauffeur services for both the UK and Europe in their high-end luxurious vehicles. Proffessionalism, luxury and exclusive travel are at the heart of their services. All the chauffeurs are fully licensed, experienced and specialise in driving VIP’s, Corporate Clients’s, Influential Sports People, Heads of Industry, Directors and those that enjoy travelling in complete comfort. They will show up early, smartly dressed and informed of the day’s itinerary. From Bentleys to Rolls Royces, they offer a car for every occasion : executive meetings, milestone celebrations, the party of the year, wedding or prom… Orion Luxury Limited ensures a smooth trip worthy of any executive. More than fancy cars and competent drivers, what Orion takes pride in is the ability to ensure a worry-free experience. The best way to get to your destination in comfort and style. Convinced ? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Orion Luxury Service team, tell them your requirements, and they will arrange everything for you. You can book a ride, online, by phone +44(0)2072845930 , or get in touch with the team on intagram or facebook. Find out more on www.orion.luxury

Leciester’s very own Emma Mae talks new single…


When Paris Calls is the second single of 2021 from Leicester’s Emma Mae and was released on July 30th. It follows her success with Boys In Bands, a punky, poppy, and rebellious track that found itself in the Top 40 of the iTunes Pop Charts, as well as on BBC Introducing in the East Midlands and in various publications.

When Paris Calls is a summer pop-anthem in the making and explores the reaction of someone discovering they’ve been cheated on with a woman called Paris. “It’s irrational and over the top,” says Emma “but as is the usual response to finding out you’ve had your trust betrayed. Yes, it’s not always logical to blame the other woman, but we’re only human, and this song is supposed to capture the desperate mix of emotions any normal person would feel in that situation”. This track promises to be a hit with fans of Dua Lipa, Anne-Marie, and the likewise, with its Latin-inspired beats and smooth synth textures allowing it to fit seamlessly into any commercial playlist as Emma admits “this is the poppiest piece of pop I’ve ever released.”

Even before its release, When Paris Calls has made an impact on Emma Mae’s audience. Its murder mystery-style teaser campaign was met with a great response, as eager fans scrambled to decipher Emma’s clues and answer the question: who’s calling? Of the three suspects given, named Destiny, Summer, and Paris, the latter was the culprit, and fans who’d guessed correctly received a small but apt prize: a badge that reads ‘Emma Mae thinks I’m awesome.’

Despite growing in reputation and audience, Emma remains strongly independent, writing, recording, and self-releasing all whilst battling hearing loss. She works alongside producer and engineer Oliver Fecci-Chiffi and has done since her debut. The pair are currently working on Emma’s first album, from which Boys In Bands and When Paris Calls have been taken.

Emma recently graduated from the University of South Wales with a First Class degree in Music and will be moving to London in the following months to pursue a career in music, towards which When Paris Calls is sure to contribute, and it’s possible we’ll be hearing much more from the 21-year-old in the near future.

We decided to conduct a short interview with Emma to find out her past, present, and future all in one go…

What inspired you to get into music?
I never really made a conscious decision to ‘go into music, I always just knew that’s what I was going to do. I’ve studied it all my life – I even have a degree in it from the University of South Wales, and I’m doing a Master’s in it in September at BIMM London. I think the key moment was one random open mic night in the middle of Wales when I was fourteen, we showed up with the most ugly travel guitar you have ever seen (seriously, it had ships and palm trees painted on it, which sounds like it should be nice but really just wasn’t), and I was being judged by so many people – I was this little shy English girl with a toy guitar – but then I started singing (the classic Ed Sheeran cover, of course) and to this day I don’t think I’ve had a better response from an audience.

How would you describe your music?
I call it ‘bitter pop’ (or something a little more crude that you probably can’t publish) because I use my songs as an outlet for any negative emotions I may be harboring. And, after the year we’ve all had, which is really when I started getting serious about releasing music, you can’t blame me for being a little bitter.

What is your recording and songwriting style?
All my songs are written and recorded in my home studio – which also happens to be my bedroom. I will start with a guitar part usually, then build melody and lyrics into it – and then record everything and build it up before I send it off to my producer – Ollie Fecci-Chiffi – and he makes it beautiful by adding his magic and mixing/mastering it. I’ve been struggling with a spot of hearing loss for the last few years so Ollie has been a godsend.

Where do you see your music career in 5 years time?
I recently found one of my releases in the iTunes Charts (I’m hoping When Paris Calls will make it into it too) which is something I didn’t think would happen for years, so I’d say maybe it’d be nice to get myself a publishing deal in 5 years time, but I’m happy to be surprised.

When Paris Calls will be found on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, and many more. To stay up to date, check out Emma’s Instagram (@emmamaemusic_) where her music, marketing, and general antics are most prevalent.

Where can fans listen?

Finally Men’s Swim Shorts get a spotlight !


Randy Cow, founded in December 2019 and based on the skirt of Greater London, is a Beachwear brand with a cheeky edge, premium products and a goal to help the World.  Their popular Swim Shorts with a Waterproof Pocket headline their collection and were featured in, and voted by British GQ as the ‘Best New Menswear Item in the World’ (July 2020).  They have seen success (during the worst possible time to start a Beachwear brand!) now stocking in all Selfridges stores and on Selfridges.com and in Waldorf Astoria Hotels – as well as more independent locations.

They are proud members of the 1% for the Planet movement, in which they pledge 1% of their sales to the organisation to help combat diverse World problems. All their products are made from recycled plastic and all products and packaging is free from single use plastic – some call them heroes, and that is ok ! They came to shake things up, make a difference, leave an impression and provide amazing products with great service.  So far, so good…

A wise man once said ‘whatever you do in life is insignificant, but it’s important you do it’. Well Mr Gandhi, They are doing it and they are doing it right. 

Countless hours spent checking dudes out at the beach. Days of staring at the world for inspiration. Weeks of feeling fabrics, textiles and derrières. All brought together with a little bit of spice from the team at RC HQ. They are here to deliver top notch beachwear for planet earth.products and the ultimate customer journey across the globe, whilst doing our bit

Revolutionary waterproof solutions and stunning designs set their products apart from the crowd. And behind the scenes, when they are not pranking each other but they are working out how they can make things better and more fun for all.

The Randy Cow Patterned men’s Swim Shorts are unique, and straight up sexy. Their big, stunning watercolour paint, with ink lines are distinctive and finished perfectly with their signature navy pockets. Their  swim shorts are made with 90% recycled plastic (12 bottles are repurposed into every pair) and 10% Spandex for stretch and comfort. They are all complimented with a revolutionary waterproof pocket which will keep your belongings dry, down to 30 metres!

Each pair of swim shorts has been loving made by their crack team of scientists who have studied for years at the World’s top Universities on how to make different parts of swim shorts, and once they put their heads together, magic happens and the comfiest, most stylish and just damn right awesome swim shorts are made for you

Randy Cow is horny over this opportunity to sponsor the Best Male Personality category of the National Reality TV Awards!  Being big TV and Film buff’s we’re excited for this and future events.” – Dave, Adam and Rowland – Founding Farmers of Randy Cow clothing.


   Check out thelr  Website | Instagram | Facebook to learn more about their Top Notch products.

The national post : Want to find out the go to fashion accessory brand for both TOWIE’s Ella Wise, Too Hot To Handle’s Nicole O’Brien ?


Introducing Jude Boutique,  an online fashion accessory brand founded in May 2020 by the impressive duo Frankie Hall and Henry Smith. They believe jewellery is first and foremost a lifestyle and their mission is to become the one-stop-shop for all fashionable and trending accessories. Their main objective is to ensure high quality and all of their pieces are specifically made to last. 

Their jewellery is stainless steel meaning it’s non-tarnish and water resistant to ensure durability for out-going lifestyles. Including designer inspired dupes, they hope to provide something for everyone and every occasion. Their product range is ever-growing and they can’t wait to see where business takes them. They take great pride in their packaging, they want you to feel like you’re really treating yourself! Jude Boutique’s necklaces are beautifully displayed in their branded reusable boxes whilst other pieces are kept safe in microfibre pouches that you can use to store your jewellery.

Their Custom Roman Numeral Ring is no doubt their best selling product. Providing customers with a product which can represent a special date or number is so special to them. Along with other personalised products, they offer the ability to be as unique as you want to be!
After all, jewellery can be used to express personality and be the key to complete any outfit.

Following their amazing work with the likes of TOWIE’s Ella Wise, Too Hot To Handle’s Nicole O’Brien and other reality stars which has completely boosted their platform, Jude Boutique is excited to be the Bronze Sponsor for the category Best Performance at the National Reality TV Awards to celebrate its 10 year anniversary taking place on the 22nd of July 2021 at Porchester Hall London. 

 Working with reality TV stars has been key to our success over the last year so it felt only right to sponsor this year’s National Reality TV Awards. We look forward to building a long term business relationship with the National Film Academy!
Frankie Hall, Co-Owner of Jude Boutique

With inevitable changes in fashion – they will be here to provide you with all the latest trending jewellery and accessories.

For more information. Check out Jude Boutique via their Website | Instagram | Facebook | Tiktok | to learn more about this new brand on its way to triumph

Introducing the young entrepreneurs with a glowing future ahead


Introducing GlowHub, a company whose story begins with a love for art and design. It was started in 2020 by Steven & Eugene, 23 year old entrepreneurs who noticed a lack of unique modern art in the market. Their mission is to be an outlet of self-expression for the individual or a powerful driving force for the branding of businesses for instance to foster a festive atmosphere or to simply highlight the brand’s name.

They’re driven by a passion for unleashing creativity; anything you imagine, they create. Businesses have been using neon signs for decades to attract customers, and they continue to use them for a reason: these sources of light and information are effective at bringing traffic in. With that said, GlowHub’s custom LED neon signs bring life and all the vibes, completely transforming a room or venue, and elevating your space.

They believe inspiration can come from the simplest of things, such as that of an eye-catching glow of neon since neon lights are more than being about pretty lights. They are about making a distinct, unmistakable impression in the minds of your potential customers. The great thing about signs and symbols is that they have such a great impact that they become that landmark that people associate with what your business has to offer.

The future is looking bright for Glow Hub as they have just announced a unique collaboration with the prestigious National Reality TV Awards to celebrate its 10 year anniversary taking place on the 22nd of July 2021 at Porchester Hall London.

  “The GlowHub Company is delighted to sponsor this year’s National Reality Television Awards. Being huge fans of film & television, we look forward to building a lasting business relationship with the National Film Academy”

-Steven Sobti & Eugene Palana, Founders of Glow Hub

With a vision and mission to challenge the status quo and add a splash of color wherever you wish with powerful visual and textual messages that stimulate your creativity. It is clear that everyone will need a dose of Glow Hub to express your identity, and instantly give life to any space. 

For more information. Check out Glow Hub via their Website | Instagram | Tiktok | to learn more about this glowing new brand. 

The salon that leaves a smile on your face


Introducing S8 Eye Candy a small but stunning jewel based in the heart of Sheffield. The brand S8 Eye Candy, founded by Jessica Forrest in 2018, soon knew such a high demand for products and services that in 2020, she launched a second salon. S8 Eye Candy is indubitably your destination for eyelash extensions and beauty services in Sheffield. They offer a complete range of beauty services, including eyelash extensions, eyebrows, make-up, and more. Whether you want a stunning look for a special event or a professional look that will carry you through every meeting, S8 Eye Candy has what you need to face the world with confidence. Their new services which include strip lash application with express eye makeup for girls on the go are what you need for instant GLAM. Pop in and see the amazing 7 styles all named after the little divas in her life. 

Due to the upheaval caused by the pandemic, they then opened their online shop where you can discover their unique strip lashes and the mind-blowing diamanté encased adhesive eyeliner they call the “ Game-Changer “. Their products will take you from a natural everyday look to the red carpet. Moreover, Tv stars from Coronation Street, Dancing On Ice, and Ibiza Weekender among others have loved wearing their top-selling “Coco Lash “. With their collection of lash extensions to fully accredited training courses and online products, the brand hopes to go global in the future and needless to say that they are clearly on the right track.

S8 Eye Candy is excited to be the Bronze Sponsor for the category Reality Personality of the Year at the 10th Annual National Reality TV Awards taking place on the 22nd of July 2021 at Porchester Hall London. 

“S8 Eye Candy is delighted to sponsor the “Reality Personality of the Year” award at this year’s 10th Annual National Reality Tv Awards. Working with the National Film Academy is dream come true and we look forward to a bright and successful future working together. “

-Jessica Forrest, Founder

Make sure to check their Website | Instagram | Facebook to learn more about this emerging brand on its way to triumph

Discover LDUK Beauty paving the way to success


Based in the UK, Sheffield, LDUK beauty is a high-end beauty brand. The founder, Grete Himberg, has over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry and a variety of accolades as a lash artist, Grete knows lashes.  This is why their first LDUK beauty product that launched was strip lashes, they then branched out into what is now an ever-growing beauty brand.

As well as founding LDUK beauty, Grete also founded the successful eyelash extension brand – Lash Dolls UK in 2018. Lash Dolls was created to offer premium quality, great value lashes to lash professionals across the world. Customers from around the world love Lash Dolls UK’s range of lash adhesive, lash extensions, tools and accessories. This passion for luxury products, at a great value, then transferred over into LDUK beauty.

The foundation of LDUK beauty is to sell luxury products but at an affordable price. The team puts their heart and soul into their brand and prides themselves on being inclusive, relatable, and available. They believe there should be no restrictions when it comes to beauty, and their main objective is to make their brand to resonate with everyone: mums, daughters, brothers, nephews… they want everyone to feel empowered and beautiful wearing LDUK beauty! 


LDUK Beauty only sells products they know are the best of the best, and that they truly believe in. Their products represent them, so why would they bring out something that they didn’t love themselves? Their team is made up of driven, innovative, and creative individuals, so you can put your full trust in LDUK beauty, and know that any new product they release will be as amazing as the last.


“LDUK beauty is so excited to be sponsoring the 10th Anniversary of the National Reality TV Awards. As a beauty brand, we love seeing reality stars trying new styles and setting trends and we all love a bit of reality tv drama don’t we! We are so honoured to be sponsoring ‘The Best Dating Show 2021’ category and look forward to seeing the stars’ gorgeous looks on the night” – Grete Himberg, LDUK beauty founder. 

For more information on LDUK Beauty, visit their Website | Instagram


Who says drinking Tequila needs to be a split-second embrace?


Pimentae – A portal into new, exotic realms so you can rediscover your love for Tequila through art, taste, and forgotten origins.  

Jalisco, Mexico, home of the agave plant, now Pimentae’s humbled roots are the epicenter of their story. Mexico revealed the perfect balance between beauty and nature, opening their eyes to bewitching landscapes, unmatched culture, tantalising cuisine & mystical art that had to be shared with the world. They felt the strong impulse to bottle that magic. Pimentae has the power to bring that sensory recollection to life, one sip at a time. Created in 2021 during lockdown by a London-based two-women team who had the ultimate mission to re-educate and find new ways to share classic cocktails with a modern-day twist. They wanted to address the misconception that tequila is best served as a shot. Hence, Pimentae offers an alternative to bar-made cocktails, with premium bottled drinks to enjoy with friends, hassle-free.  The breakthrough product, Tommy’s Chilli Margarita, offers the perfect blend of award-winning tequila, lime, agave, and chilli poured over ice.  

Their bottles are wrapped in bespoke designs by artist Kit Lintin. Kit is an oil painter based in London who creates bold and dynamic oil paintings that merge reality with abstraction. Inspired by surrealism, each piece she creates binds layers of contrasting narratives and vibrant imagery together, forming dreamlike fantasy worlds.

“The more you look the more is revealed.”

Too good to be thrown away, the bottles are designed exclusively to encourage upcycling, as a brand committed to being 100% sustainable.  In a world of sugary, eco-unfriendly, artificial, and unadventurous drinks, Pimentae holds a distinctive and competitive edge, showcasing the magic that tequila can offer with a modern-day twist, exuding luxury, exoticism, and escapism.  

Pimentae Drinks is also the brand new Bronze Category Sponsor at the upcoming 10th Annual National Reality TV Awards taking place on the 22nd of July.  

“Pimentae Drinks are thrilled to sponsor this year’s National Reality TV Awards.  We (over) indulge in many of the programmes ourselves & can’t wait to be involved in such a celebrated industry.  Hopefully, this is one of many more exciting partnerships with the National Film Academy.”

Check out their Website Instagram for more info

Interview with Van Hechter and Chauncey Dandridge talks new single “The Delight”


How did you meet?

Chauncey; We actually met accidentally through a social media snafu. I thought I was following a different record label on Instagram, but I was following his label…

Van; We’re a huge mistake…

Why make music together?

Van; Why not?? LOL!

Chauncey; For World Pride, I had the honor of being the DJ atop The Stonewall Inn float in the parade that year. Van made a trip to NYC to march alongside the float with me. A few days later, we had dinner in Greenwich Village and came up with the idea of doing a song together about the relationship between the DJ and a patron, and “53 Christopher St.” was born. That’s the address of Stonewall in case you didn’t know. Being a poet myself, I sent him some lyrics I had written and we decided one song wasn’t enough so now we have a full album in the works. He takes my words and dresses them up in such stylish melodies and undeniably catchy choruses and hooks!

What is ”The Delight” about?

It is about living your life to the fullest, being unafraid of who you are and celebrating your existence. “The Delight” can mean anything to anyone but for me personally it is what sweet dreams are made of… We learn lessons along the way and are constantly changing and growing and blossoming.

Van; I agree with everything Chauncey said… I would add; it’s about never giving up on life.

Who else is involved?

Van; Eryck Wyseman- my music and business partner and muse Alex— we won’t tell you who he is- but he’s a quiet force behind all our hard work.

Chauncey; Yes- wizard Eryck works his magic from his fortress in Montreal… He made me feel so comfortable from the very first note and was able to capture a side of my voice I barely recognize.

Can a DJ sing?

Chauncey; Not all DJs can sing, but this one can certainly carry a tune. I’ve been in bands throughout my life and have performed on stage many times over the years. Van certainly pulled out a voice from me I didn’t know I had and it has been life changing and exhilarating!

Van; Chauncey is actually a better singer than he knows… So I bully him a bit.

Can a singer sing?

Chauncey; I guess not all singers can really sing, but I don’t always want to hear a technically perfect singer sing a song. I want to hear emotion and cracks and growls.

Van; I agree with C… Then again one had to be on key…

How do you feel onstage together and when/where can we catch you live??

Van: I love being onstage with Chauncey. I only perform with people I like… And if I don’t like someone I’m working with, I cut the project short. I have no time for unpleasant collaborations… Chauncey and I have a lot to look forward to in NYC; Labor Day weekend, Halloween, New Year’s Eve… The second half of 2021 will be great!!

Chauncey; We have only had the luxury of performing together once so far on New Year’s Eve 2020 at the legendary Stonewall Inn in New York City. Van is a perfectionist and veteran to the stage and I’m a newbie to singing my own songs in front of an audience. We are The Odd Couple in so many ways and that’s what makes our alliance so genius. We let each other have our bratty moments, but then we snap each other back to the task at hand. We are disco brothers after all. Hashtag Vandridge!

For more information: 
New video; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ6nM4MphxE

Spotify; https://open.spotify.com/track/2YFOC0FBhcIhAPE9CoRLqP?si=ca8fecf17aac4294

Apple Play; https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-delight/1501518124?i=1501518125

Yann Sella talks new single “Fire Gold”


French producer, Yann Sella, experiments with soundscapes and sonic textures. Based in the historic French city of Lyon; Yann combines plucking synth lines with ambient pads and creates a new sonic landscape. His way of making music always depends on his instant mood; a note heard somewhere or what he calls a mental scenario, but he always aims to take the listeners to a world of his own imagination. Yann Sella grew up listening to rap, electronic, and score music; and is now influenced by the likes of electronic producers and Djs; like Jon Hopkins, Moderat, Tale of Us, and Ben Frost; but also by talents like the more eclectic Tokio Myers, Sohn, London Grammar and score music composers like Hans Zimmer and John Williams, just to name a few.

What inspired you to get into music?
the likes of electronic producers and DJs; like Jon Hopkins, Moderat, Tale of Us, and Ben Frost; but also by talents like the more eclectic Tokio Myers, Sohn, London Grammar, and score music composers like Hans Zimmer and John Williams.

How would you describe your music?
Ambient Electronic with mainstream appeal. I’m also working on hiphop projects now.

Where would you like to see your music career in 5 years time?
I’d like to see me continue to release music and gain more recognition. So far, I’ve enjoyed big radio support across Europe, Balearic airplay, and DJ support from the likes of Chicane.

Where can music fans listen to your music?
Find all links on my label’s website: www.subdust.com

Listen to the new single “Fire Gold” here

Fitter, healthier, happier


Who said workouts cannot be stylish? Sarj Gym is here to prove otherwise! Sarj Gym is a brand created by couple James Conaghan & Sally Thompson. Following the upheaval caused by the global pandemic, in a time where home workouts were the only way out, the power couple set out with the goal of combining fitness and gym wear with the world.

This has posed a genuine test to the business,  especially while raising two young children,  since starting a gym wear brand with no gyms open has really put a driver onto focusing on high-quality products for a diverse range of activities, not just in a gym. But Sarj Gym knew how to make a difference which is clearly shown through its evolution until now.

What started off being only three female athleisure wear has today expanded to a range of over 30 separate items and recently even launched a  branch into menswear. If this is not a clear representation of pure determination, I don’t what is.  

Furthermore, Sarj Gym has recently been signed as the brand new Bronze Category Sponsor at the 10th Annual National Reality TV Awards taking place on the 22nd of July at Porchester Hall, London.

“Sarj Gym is proud to sponsor the National Reality TV Awards, specifically the category of ‘Best Reality Non-Competition Show’. We are a huge fan of British Reality Television and believe the reality shows created here in Britain, are those of the best in the world. We are so honored to be asked to sponsor this event, and we look forward to a brilliant future of working between ourselves and the National Reality TV Awards.”                   -James Conaghan, Co-Founder, Sarj Gym

To find out more about Sarj Gym make sure you visit their website and check out their social media handles