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Government plans for Self employed during the Corona Crisis

Job Retention Scheme & furloughing staff
  • We are waiting for official confirmation from HMRC, that directors, even sole directors, can be furloughed under the Job Retention Scheme for their PAYE element. It will probably mean that all employees will need to furloughed too and will allow directors to continue with their statutory duties such as filing VAT Returns. Directors are likely to be also asked to stop all revenue-generating work such as speaking to clients and working on future projects if they are to furlough themselves.
  • Self-employed individuals i.e. sole traders can carry on working on their trade, and still take the grant.  There is a requirement that the business has to be expecting to lose profits as a result of the virus, to be able to claim this grant, but I suppose most businesses, and HMRC, won’t actually know if that is the case until next year’s tax return.  So there may eventually be a reclaim option by HMRC. We also think that self-employed can also take on other PAYE work during this time.
  • There is now clarity that employees who have been furloughed can then be made redundant subsequently, even during the furlough period.  Minimum furlough period is 3 weeks
  • Employees who have been furloughed have the option to take on other temporary work.
Rates grants
  • We have heard that tenants of coworking office spaces such as WorkLife could be eligible for Small Business Grant Fund. If the office space provider included your business on the rates listing as at 11th March you may be eligible for the £10k grant.
Business Interruption Loan Scheme

  • It has been confirmed that CBILS lenders’ fees will also be paid by the government as well as 12 months interest.  Some are offering capital repayment holidays too, so potentially there are no cash outlays for these loans at all for the initial period.

  • There are a number of other lenders who are still in the process of applying for CBILS accreditation, (Funding Circle, Market Finance, etc) but it appears to be taking some time.  If these fintech’s obtain that accreditation, it could be a ‘game changer’ due to the speed they can turn deals around, but it is to be noted they will most likely ask for personal guarantees for all loans, even those below  £250k.
Tax Deferrals

  • HMRC are being very supportive with PAYE/NIC tax deferrals, even up to July.  It is expected that there will be an automatic deferral announced soon just like VAT and then phone calls won’t need to be made. However, if you have a larger employee base, please do get in touch as it will still be best to make that call to HMRC now and get that agreement.

  • It is also rumoured that HMRC will be supportive with 12 to 18 month time to pay agreements in due course, which will need to be supported by cash flow statements. If you do not have a cash flow statement set up please get in touch as it is now imperative to check the status of your business as well as being able to apply for the schemes.
Keep up to date with all the information on our resource hub here, which is being updated daily with any new information as and when it is released.

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Almost 50 after first releasing, here comes the unpublished masterpiece of the 70’s : MOSHE MOUSE CRUCIFIXION

A prince of the outrageous, a virtuoso of eccentricity… people who knew and loved Michel Magne were often tempted to use words like those to describe him. His reputation as a zany character, always ready for a laugh, made him a singular figure, especially between 1960 and 1970, his period of reference.

Two major influences hovered over the project: American poets of the Beat Generation (Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, Ferlinghetti), and the German tandem of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht, whose major works function on the same principle as Moshe Mouse: catchy, heady melodies wrapping a critical message that is caustic and corrosive.

What the composer actually had in mind was an extension of the way that the Tout le monde il est beau score had operated: after Catholic religious music, now would come the turn of music that was Jewish, Arab and African, plus an amalgamation of pop rhythms. Bergman constructed a modern tale that was a kind of parable: Moses, now a Brooklyn tailor, invites the last remnants of those aware of the surrounding decadence to follow him, and thereby save society (and especially themselves.)

With a new project called Don Juan 73, in which Magne met up with his old crony Roger Vadim again after the wreckage of the latter’s low-key Hollywood escapade. The filmmaker’s project with screenwriter Jean Cau was a rereading of the legend of Don Juan, now transformed as a female in the shape of Brigitte Bardot. Together, Magne and Bergman wrote several songs based on a fusion of cultures: an English rock voice (Mister Eye) over romantic melodies, all of it structured with themes that had a stoned atmosphere (Swedish Dream, for flute and orchestra), plus power-packed pieces that cast sidelong glances at Carl Orff.

For the first time ever, this reissue presents the full album of last Magne’s musical, together with « Don Juan 73 » (Vadim’s film soundtrack). Released on Play-Time, the famous division dedicated to soundtracks masterpieces. A label created by Thierry WOLF in 1990. Since when, the label using letter from Jacques Tati’s movie for its logo, proposed to connoiseurs soundtracks masterpieces, from Michel Legrand to Ennio Morricone, from Francis Lai to Alexander Desplat.

Today, this re-issue will delight fans of soundtracks and pop music from 70’s. One of the last recordings of the legendary Hérouville studio where Pink Floyd or David Bowie recorded some of their best albums

WARNING : Highly collectable !

Moshe Mouse Crucifixion

Don Juan 73

Michel Magne with Boris Bergan & Artie Kaplan

CD & Vinyl : Play-Time




Pipi Pango releases brand new album “Africability”


Africability …, is the sensational new album from Pipi Pango.  Personal experience and profound artistry provide Pipi Pango’s album with all the gravitas it needs to loom as one of the year’s most substantive releases. A dozen songs included in this release are unified by Pipi’s vision of Africa which has seen his potential in all aspects triple – Africability inspires, and impacts all in equal measure. It doesn’t gloss over these weighty topics too.

It gallops with rhythmic ease in “All Eyes On Me,” which has layers of melodic grooving with lyrics that ring true to Pipi Pango’s personality. On “Run Things“, Pipi Pango shows that 2021 is definitely the year with his name all written over it.

Whether he’s getting sensitive in “Me and You” or rolling like a carefree VIP in “Party all night”, Pipi Pango establishes himself as a modern-day master of ceremonies here. Africability is one of the few albums that I would deem both cinematic and imaginatively engaging around every one of its many turns.

There’s a textural expressiveness to songs like “Lagos to London” and “Family Line” that you just can’t find in a lot of the mainstream albums that have been pulling in the big buzz from both coasts over the last year.

Pipi Pango artfully weaves different instrumental components together in “Without You” “Show me Love” and Count on Me,” and despite the fact that every one of these compositions is an individual beast in its own right, there’s a sense of continuity to the music that makes everything feel progressively tied together, as though we were reading from different passages in an intimate diary of love, party, success, and luminosity.

I don’t often say this about albums, but  Africability feels almost operatic in its storytelling-centric aesthetic, and I think that it’s outside of the box-style construction is definitely what makes it the perfect album to kick off the new year.

I’ve been listening to a lot of really good music this year, but of all the records in this genre, Pipi Pango’s latest is definitely in a class of its own. Every time that we think we’ve heard the best of his brilliance in action, like the chest-beating “Party Vibe” for example, he turns around and finds a way to top himself, like in the climactic ending number “Party All Night,” which isn’t something that can be said for the vast majority of artists he’s competing with for the spotlight at the moment.

Pipi Pango is an ace at making unselfish, easy-going party records with a soulful, independent-minded lyrical center, and if you’ve never heard his music before now, I would say that this album is a good way of getting acquainted with his sound. It’s certainly one of the more complete efforts I’ve heard from an underground performer recently, and a strong contender for the best indie African album of the year if his scene fails to match its high caliber of content.

For more information. See links below;

Mauritius should be on your list of places to visit in 2021!!


Mauritius or as the French will call it Maurice is an island steeped in tradition. Located in the Indian Ocean about 2000 kilometers off the south-East coast of the African continent. Translated, it is basically Africa at it’s finest…The island of Mauritius was visited during the middle ages by the Arabs, then by the Portuguese who named it Dina Arobi and Cirne, respectively. The island was uninhabited until the Dutch Republic established a colony in 1638, with the Dutch naming the island after Prince Maurice van Nassau. Those clever Dutch are not only known for their wacky cakes in Amsterdam… pause…. Because I think there was some wacky cake interference as the Dutch colony was abandoned in 1710, and five years later, the island became a French colony and was named Isle de France.  Last week, we had the chance to cover the 1st annual Mauritius Business Awards which took place at the magnificent jewel in the Indian Ocean, Angsana Balaclava Mauritius Hotel.

Imagine you touching turquoise lagoon waters and wiggling your toes in warm golden sand, well at the Angsana Balaclava Mauritius Hotel – there is no need to imagine because this is the experience reserved for those who discover this treasure in the middle of paradise.  Nestled in a secluded cove in Turtle Bay, just next door to the lovely tourist village of Grand Baie, on the picturesque North West coast of the island of Mauritius, is a tropical oasis where luxury blends with stylish rustic elegance and well-being, Angsana Balaclava Mauritius.

With 54 stylish suites and a lavish Imperial Jet Pool Villa, featuring private infinity pools and hammams, jet pools, an award-winning spa and wellness centre, delectable gourmet offers, world class conference facilities, exhilarating experiences on tranquil lagoon from water-skiing to kayaking and wellness retreats, you will find here the answer to your ultimate quest for a perfect tropical lifestyle and re-invigoration.

As a responsible tourism organisation, and in preparation for the return of travel, Angsana Balaclava Mauritius is fully committed to provide to future travelers and associates alike a safe and secure environment. Hence, as of June last year, the hotel has been awarded the “Safe Travels” stamp. This stamp has been specifically designed by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and will thus allow travelers to recognize their commitment to implement and adhere to the health and hygiene protocols as recommended by the WTTC and that are aligned with their Global Safe Travel protocols. Protocols , aside whether you are a Mauritian looking for somewhere to relax, energise and recharge or you are a tourist looking for an escape. The Angsana Balaclava Mauritius has it all and when you there make sure you check out the brilliant Assistant Sales & Marketing Manager, Gary Leung who goes above and beyond to make all guests feel welcomed. What are you waiting for? make Angsana Balaclava Mauritius a future destination on your list of hotel discoveries.

For more information and or to book your stay. Please, visit:


New album “The Silence Has No Past” hits all the right notes


Jacob Mateo, born in Denmark, was always into creating music. When he was 10, he wrote his first songs. Already back then, they were about inner peace and how to live in balance and connection with others and the whole universe. One of the lines from back then, went: “Why are the money here – aren’t we here to share?”. This so beautifully reflects his deep devotion to spirituality and mind training, which is deeply infiltrated in his music.

Recently, Jacob said in an interview: “The purpose of my music is to create a window to the Present; a gateway into Eternity. For what is life worth, if we don’t spend it remove the barriers to Love and the Reality behind it all? I hope that my music can inspire everyone to take that leap”

Jacob writes both instrumental music and songs, and he works from his home studio in Aarhus. Often late at night. Besides the music, for a living, he is a professional and highly trained voice artist, lending his voice to hundreds of brands in the world.





Presenting Maryam Raya: A Renaissance Woman of the 21st century


Introducing Maryam Raya, an international acclaimed pianist praised for her “dynamic stage presence” by the Union of Excellence, her Fall 2019 season alone featured a lecture recital at Columbia University, two recitals for New York’s premiere fashion and film communities, a recital abroad in Paris, a featured recital in Sicily’s premiere international piano festival, and a return to Stern Auditorium, Carnegie Hall to perform a concerto with orchestra. Maryam gave her first recital at the age of nine. By the age of fourteen, her playing had already attracted professional reviews and she made her first appearance in Carnegie Hall at the age of sixteen. A prize winner of numerous competitions and awards, she has given recitals thought the United States at halls which include The National Gallery of Art, The Phillips Collection, the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Tenri Cultural Institute, The National Opera Center, The Kosciuszko Foundation, the Smithsonian Institution, the Embassy of Poland, and the Embassy of France, among others. Maryam has also appeared worldwide in England, Spain, France, Italy, China, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, and Dubai. She possesses an extensive repertoire that includes numerous recital programs and over thirty concerti with orchestra. As we commence a brand new year, we decided to catch up with Maryam Raya to discuss life, inspirations, and her passion for performing.

You are a complete artist, and not only at the piano. What inspired you to get into music?
I began piano lessons when I was four years old, and I became increasingly obsessed as a young teenager. I couldn’t imagine my life without an instrument. It wasn’t a conscious choice.

How would you describe the music you like to perform?
I tend to lean towards the more virtuoso repertoire. I am drawn to repertoire that drives the piano to new limits, new heights, repertoire that is completely original & fully engaging.

What would you say is your performance style?
I don’t feel the “fourth wall”, the wall between myself & my audience. Of course, I am very much aware that I am on stage, and I am completely absorbed in the worlds of sound I create. However, I am also very open & receptive to the energy & dynamic I feel from an audience. I feel a strong sense of communication with those present.

Where would you like to see your career in 5 years time?
I would like to see myself collaborating with more artists in fashion & film on an international level. At this point, my activities in this regard have been exclusively based in New York City.

Where can music fans listen to your music?
You can follow my professional social media pages on Facebook and on Instagram. I also have a new website in the works. I look forward to sharing that on all social media in due time, so make sure to follow me there!

Walter Hansen releases new single just in time for the new year!!


Introducing Walter Hansen,  a composer, singer, and award-winning multi-instrumentalist currently producing innovative synthwave and chillwave music. His complex, often unexpected instrumentations and warm, distinctive vocals are the product of a lifetime of diverse musical experience. Composing and arranging since he was a young child, he thinks and feels in melodies and expresses his full self with abandon. The result is expertly mixed and mastered music that blurs genre lines and grooves like a live performance.

His first EP, 2016’s instrumental Perspective, is a delicious display of his artistry as a jazz saxophonist. Hansen is connected with his instrument in such a way that the soulful sound flowing forth seems at times to be more like a voice than a horn. A captivating chorus of organic instruments, synth soundscapes, and stripped-down vocals showcase the symphony that lives within him. Hansen’s more recent vocal-centric work is electric, energetic, and delightfully dynamic. Earnest storytelling pieces and experimental dance tracks alike feature his sundry instrumentation, deft production, and invariably smooth, expressive voice. Walter has just released his new single just in time for the new year “Good Lookin”.

Growing out of the darkness of 2020  with a swelling percussive pulsation that increases its menacing prowess with every passing beat, Walter Hansen’s  Good Lookin” simmers for a bit before erupting like a long-dormant volcano destined to blanket everything within earshot of its mightily metallic melodies in rock n’ roll ash.

Guitars assault us from all sides while drums attempt to rebuff the ensuing collision of sonic colors the best they can, but in the center of all the chaos, an amazing lead vocal reminds us that even in life’s most bitter of moments, there’s often a sweet silver lining to be appreciated.

The instrumentation is debatably just as much of a draw as the vocal, lyrics, and even the riffs here are being given some sort of synthetic boost from behind the soundboard. It’s obvious from the get-go in this song, even to the most novice of critical ears, that filler wasn’t on the table for Walter Hansen, when he was crafting the physical nature of the grooves, and more importantly, the structure they so buoyantly support.

Alternative rock has been lacking the kind of unfiltered guitar wallop found within this virgin outing in recent years, but with the arrival of Walter Hansen, on the scene, I think we can rest assured that this won’t be the only melodic headbanger we’ll hear from the genre in this newly unfolding decade.

We managed to catch up with Walter Hansen himself for an interview…

What inspired you to get into music?
My dad and grandfather both played by ear harmonica and accordion and music were all around me. I started accordion when I was 4. (Norwegian heritage). My mom’s Italian heritage had the more classical background and a great uncle who was a composer in Italy…I grew up listening to all styles of music especially Motown

How would you describe my music?
All of my music surrounds itself with a storytelling center, lyrically but musically most of it is heavily influenced by a mix of genres synth inspired with a groove.

What would you say is your recording and songwriting style?
I write most of the time with a hook in mind that is developed typically by a story that eventually enters my head but there are times, like when my dad passed away that the subject itself drove the process. I have more music coming out with accordion in it so….keep your eye out.

Where would you like to see your music career in 5 years’ time?
I just want more exposure to a wider audience in 5 years. Being recognized by other artists is always nice but honestly, I love the fans that love my music.

Where can music fans listen to your music?
My music is being streamed on all major streaming platforms here are some links:
Official website

A One-of-a-Kind Multi-Dimensional Experience: World Ascension Tour (A Lightworker’s Journey) Live at Village Studios in 432 Hz


Witness history as Scott Howard hits the stage to perform two of his landmark albums. The World Ascension Tour (A Lightworker’s Journey) Live at Village Studios in 432 Hz features a full concert performance with rare behind-the-scenes footage and an interview with Scott Howard. Accompanied by his band, Howard presents a mind-blowing audio and visual extravaganza in the era of virtual live concerts. This show gives fans a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear a live performance of some of Howard’s classic hits, including Come with Me, Written in the Clouds, and many more.

The epic concert film offers a multi-dimensional concept that will redefine what a one-of-a-kind concert should be. The immersive graphics and dazzling visual effects combined with the innovative and sonic experimentation of Source music creates an unforgettable virtual experience.

The spectacular performance was shot in the legendary Village Studios in Los Angeles.
A former meditation center for the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the venue is the perfect location for Scott Howard’s transcendental music. The studio housed in a 1920’s Masonic Temple features historic and majestic architecture that can be seen in the hall where the concert was recorded. The cozy building hosted other iconic artists, such as Bob Dylan, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, John Mayer, and more. You can feel the same kind of inspiration when you listen to the towering sound of Scott Howard’s rich and warm vocal tones and his reverberating acoustic guitar.

The songs, which are played at 432 Hz, chronicles Scott Howard’s personal highs and lows, beginning with the loss of his son, Maxx. Since then, Howard has dedicated his life to helping others get through difficult times. He powerfully demonstrated how his music can lift people up and heal them spiritually. “The music I write hopefully awakens people to the fact that we are all priceless. Our souls, our spirits are all irreplaceable,” says Howard in the interview.

Although he presents a grim picture of the world’s current state, Scott Howard is committed to reverse that. He works profusely to eradicate child trafficking, drug abuse, and mental illness. His ability to bring light into darkness is self-evident from the millions of heartfelt reactions his music gets on social media, which has been streamed over 10 million times.

The World Ascension Tour (A Lightworker’s Journey) presents Scott Howard’s music in a spectacular form transcending all cultural boundaries and highlighting its profound message of unity, love, and the ascension journey.

Watch out for the digital release on Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms coming soon.

For more information, visit: www.scotthowardmusic.com.

Houston, TX duo, Eucalyption are back with new music..


Preceding it, the artist brought their soulfully adrenalizing high-octane sound to stages in Houston and they quickly garnered plenty of attention with their singles ‘Distractions’ (May 2018), ‘Blame’ (August 2018), and ‘Hypocrite’ (August 2019). Their debut EP ‘Start Living’ was also a resounding success, with their commitment to bringing perspective-shifting music to the masses unwaning, their future releases are also sure to make as much of a positive impact on the airwaves, in minds and on stage.

There was no better time for Ecualyption to release their debut transcendently high-vibe. Alt-Reggae Rock album ‘Go Ahead and Ignore This if You Want’. With sonic nuance as hypnotic as Alt-Rock offerings from Queens of the Stone Ages and Muse paired with slick alchemy, rhythmically reminiscent of the Black Keys, the stylistic appeal parallels the magnetic draw of the lyrically instilled euphoria. Through the Reggae infusion, you get sun-soaked staccato chords layering the 10 tracks with radiating tonal heat.
With each single inspired by a different concept, the album comes without any skippable tracks, instead, it swarms with dynamically inspiring optimism and mantra-like reminders to live mindfully, seek unity instead of disparity and keep positive.

Ecualyption said: “This is our first full-length album. We get our inspiration from everywhere; each song was inspired by something different. The message we want to get across in the album is “Go for it, you can do it.” We just want to inspire others in a positive way with our music.”

Amelia Vandergast at A&R Factory said: Eucalyption have the energy, ingenuity, and hunger it takes to rise up from the Alt-Rock underground – even if the album title does imply some level of creative apathy, that’s just
another nod to their pioneering humility which you’ll find in their lyricism alongside their
ardently expressive sound. Their constraint-less style which plays with elements of Alt-Rock, Reggae, 60s Psych Pop, Blues, Indie Rock and Hip Hop, is infectious and unforgettable from the first hit.

Watch videos from Ecualyption below:

Click here for Spotify

Artist social media links:
● Twitter
● YouTube
● Spotify
● Apple Music
● Amazon

Unsigned artist Heidi Anne rivals her mainstream contemporary peers with latest single


When you blend a contemporary pop ballad with R&B and mix it together with heart-felt soul, you get something along the lines of Heidi Anne’s latest single “True To You”. Although Heidi Anne was just recently discovered on New Rock Stars, a new music blog known for having its finger on the pulse of the best unsigned artists on the planet, her first single in 2015 featured mainstream rap artists, T-Pain, Lil’ Wayne and Rick Ross that propelled her name onto the global music charts.

With “True to You”, Heidi Anne conveys a slight sense of street-sultriness that focuses the listener’s attention with the assertion, “I won’t give up. I’ll find an open door”, along with crazy soprano pipes and a dynamic range of cosmopolitan songwriting material. The silken, power ballad has muted floating keyboards, polished harmonies and a chorus of vocal FX in which she sings, in Mariah Carey-like tones.

This track is not only musically brilliant, lyrically interesting and an emotional journey but, her vocals ranges from an explosive belt to just shy of a whisper. While much of the song finds her exploring pop and R&B sounds, the thick production on the track, models radio trends proving that big, emotional ballads could easily become Heidi Anne’s bread and butter.

Listen if you like Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, or Carrie Underwood.

Listen to True to You on Spotify
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Pleasure Island release new single “Help Me NHS”


Introducing Sean Ekin who is a Liverpudlian ex-pat mine worker who began his journey into the wonderful world of music in Perth, Western Australia as part of a garage rock three-piece called The Spitfires. The band started out doing tour supports for The Cribs and British India prior to putting out their first release, the album Songs from the Debt Generation, instantly setting down a style marker: politically-minded tales of modern life set to distortion.

After becoming disillusioned with the local music scene in Perth, the band left W.A. to relocate to Sydney. From there they toured Australia and Japan in support of the album, before founding bass player Paul Bovenkerk had to leave the band due to mental health issues. By now the band had gone through over thirteen drummers, including two which were recruited from the audience during the same show. The antics continued – including the decapitation of a Margaret Thatcher statue live on stage. After returning to Liverpool he began touring the UK but was soon hospitalised following an industrial accident.

Something had to give. If nothing else, he was running out of audience members who could play drums. After a much-needed hiatus, the band relaunched under the new name Pleasure Island and played their first show at the Smithdown Road festival with new drummer Sam Pierpoint. Now with a new EP currently being finished at Liverpool’s Motor Museum studio (where Oasis, the 1975, and the Arctic Monkeys recorded their debut tracks), and a bigger sound than ever, it seems like Pleasure Island are ready to claim their crown as the UK’s most thrilling independent guitar band.  Pleasure Island has just released a brand new single “Help Me NHS”  which is inspired by the amazing work the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK helped lead singer and songwriter Sean through some very dark times. The best way to describe the sound on this track is, explosive and guttural. Chugging out of the silence like a freight train running off the tracks and out of control, the riffage that we come in contact with  in  Pleasure Island’s new single and music video “Help Me NHS,” is as dynamic as their overall sound is, Pleasure Island are defined by their assaultive approach to guitar-driven hard rock.

Aside from the riffing, the bassline featured in this single is definitely as brutish as they come without tripping into the stylistic pitfalls that come with overdriven excess. Most of every component in “Help Me NHS” contributes to the flood of distorted carnage that flows from our speakers from the moment we press play to the very instant in which the band’s throttling grooves disappear into the darkness from which they were born, and in terms of efficient songcraft, theirs is an attitude I’d love to see some of their rivals adopt in the future.

As dirty as the melodies are in “Help Me NHS” the master mix here is surprisingly clean and crisp, allowing for us to appreciate the intricacies in the track without feeling overwhelmed by the complexities that come with producing something as tight and metallic as this song undeniably is. The music video is just as superbly constructed.

Comparing the video for “Help Me NHS” and the song on its own doesn’t seem particularly fair to me, especially when taking into account how much detail was put into making the video feel a little more expressive and theatrical than the average rock/metal cut in 2020 would be. The visuals are undisputedly as jarring as the music is, but it isn’t actually comprised of anything that I would deem present exclusively for the purposes of repelling mainstream audiences. Pleasure Island has a story to tell with their music, and if we look beyond their surface aesthetics, they’re honestly offering up a more evocative studio recording than most anyone else in their scene is in this recording.

If you crave real rock n’ roll madness of the most discriminatingly abrasive strain, Pleasure Island’s “Help Me NHS” is a must-listen. “Help Me NHS” is a polished take on a volatile brand of hard-hitting, groove-powered music, and for those of us who have been in need of something a little heavier to balance out the moderate tempos of mainstream rock, it could not be arriving at a more appropriate moment.

For more information. Check out the links below;
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