BeyGood Grants $10,000 to Blackpearl Consulting Group, Recognizing Commitment to Black Maternal Health

Laura Campbell
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In a remarkable display of philanthropy, Beyoncé Knowles Carter’s renowned organization, BeyGood, has bestowed a generous grant of $10,000 USD upon Blackpearl Consulting Group. The recipient of this prestigious recognition, Blackpearl Consulting Group, is home to Global Black Maternal Health and The GLOMAMA Awards, both of which play a pivotal role in advancing maternal and child health research.

Global Black Maternal Health, an esteemed research-led organization and consultancy, has dedicated its efforts to empowering Black communities as leaders and catalysts for transformative change. By harnessing the power of research, they strive to improve the well-being of mothers and children within these communities. The GLOMAMA Awards, often referred to as “The BAFTA’s for mothers on social media,” stand as the United Kingdom’s largest and most successful awards ceremony. This grand event shines a radiant spotlight on inspiring mothers who leverage their social media platforms to uplift others.

Agnes Agyepong, Key Speaker, Founder, and CEO of Blackpearl Consulting Group, expressed profound gratitude for the recognition received from Beyoncé and the BeyGood team. Agyepong stated, “We are incredibly honored and grateful to receive this recognition from Beyoncé and her team at BeyGood. This grant will amplify the impact of our work, and we are overwhelmed by this act of generosity. It is truly humbling to have Beyoncé and BeyGood be a part of our journey.”

As the founder of BeyGood, Beyoncé herself took pride in highlighting the organization’s decade-long commitment to effecting positive change, both within the United States and globally. She emphasized the diverse range of initiatives, from scholarships to addressing the water crisis in Burundi and providing assistance to families during Hurricane Harvey in her hometown of Houston. Beyoncé affirmed that the work carried out by BeyGood has been incredibly fulfilling, and as a foundation, they will continue engaging partners through innovative programs to make an even greater impact on people’s lives.

The BeyGood Foundation places a primary focus on economic equity and education, extending support to organizations dedicated to serving marginalized and under-resourced communities. In line with their commitment to empowering small businesses, the highly acclaimed Black Parade Route will continue with luncheons held in various cities during Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR. These luncheons, scheduled the day before each tour stop, provide entrepreneurs with an inspirational afternoon of 5-star treatment, invaluable networking opportunities, and the chance to become recipients of grants from the allocated $100,000 funds for each luncheon. As part of this remarkable initiative, one million dollars will be devoted to financially supporting one thousand small businesses.

The Black Parade Route Small Business luncheons are set to take place in prominent cities such as London, Chicago, New York, Charlotte, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, and New Orleans.


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