Brighton company determined to deliver a positive future for fine fragrance

Laura Campbell
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Eden Perfumes is empowering a positive future for fine fragrance and is re-writing a new story including creation, distribution points, distribution methods, and physical or digital experiences, to reinvent the value of fine fragrance. Perfume becomes a social intermediary, identity marker, and mindful catalyst when produced ethically. The brand creates an amazing line of perfume that is both organic Ethical & affordable Fragrances. Fragrances that will bring back memories and good times. Ingredients are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced.

Here are 10 reasons why Eden Perfumes should definitely be your number 1 fragrance choice…

  1. Eden Perfumes uses organic ingredients where possible and their entire range of fragrances contain between 80% and 90% certified organic ingredients.
  2. They are a vegan family-based company putting the South Coast of the UK and the beautiful cosmopolitan city of Brighton firmly on the map.
  3. The team at Eden Perfumes live and breathe fragrance and are very passionate about their love for creating perfumes.
  4. They love animals too much to experiment on them.
  5. They love nature too much, so can be consistently seen to encourage recycling.
  6. They love humans too much and want you to use safe botanical perfumes.
  7. They love their customers, so much that they have a mission to make perfumes affordable.
  8. Eden Perfumes is literally named after the “Garden of Eden”… #Beautiful
  9. Eden Perfumes will be sponsoring both the Best Actor and Best British Film at the 6th annual National Film Awards 2021
  10. Attendees and VIP’s going to the National Film Awards will be receiving a special gift in the goody bags courtesy of Eden Perfumes.
At EDEN, they use vegan ingredients (jasmine, vanilla, passion fruit, musk, saffron, oud, sandalwood, and much more), they then blend them and create perfumes similar to your favorite popular fragrance.
Eden saves on packaging and marketing and focuses on creating a good perfume made to 15% intensity. All their fragrances are Eau de Parfum and NOT Eau de toilette. This is a healthy swap.
Top-quality fragrances are handmade with vegan natural essential oils. Alternative 100% vegan equivalents to your favorite designer perfumes & aftershaves. Handmade in the UK. For your health, environment & pocket.
To find out more about Eden Perfumes, make sure you visit their website and check out their social media handles below!
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