Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery: Redefining Winemaking at the 5th Annual British Restaurant Awards

Isabella Lercari
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The world of fine dining and exquisite wines is set to be taken to new heights at the upcoming 5th Annual British Restaurant Awards, thanks to the prestigious partnership with Chilean brand Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery. As the official Wine Sponsor for this year’s event, Cono Sur is gearing up to offer an unforgettable experience to guests and media in attendance. This collaboration marks a remarkable convergence of culinary excellence and exceptional winemaking.

Cono Sur will also be the sponsor of the esteemed Restaurant of the Year category. This category shines a spotlight on culinary artisans who have mastered the art of gastronomy. Among the distinguished nominees are: Restaurant 8 by Andrew Sheridan in Liverpool, Carlotta in Marylebone, Da Terra in London, Coco Grill and Lounge in London, The Fat Duck in Berkshire, Kutir in London, Winter Garden Restaurant in London, Moor Hall in Aughton, Opheem in Birmingham, Adam Reid at the French in Manchester and Ynyshir in Ceredigion and Grace and Savour and Solihull. 

Established in 1993, Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery embarked on a journey to create wines that embody the essence of the new world, bringing forth premium, expressive, and innovative flavours. The company’s name, “Cono Sur,” draws a geographical connection, proudly representing the wines crafted in the southern cone of South America. This region is home to Chile and its renowned wine valleys, signifying the brand’s deep-rooted commitment to its origins and the art of winemaking.

Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery stands out through three defining pillars that shape its identity and contribute to its success. A creative use of technology, Cono Sur seamlessly fuses tradition with innovation by incorporating technology into their winemaking process. This approach allows them to refine and enhance the flavours of their wines while preserving the authenticity of each grape variety. 

A strong orientation towards quality, and excellence is non-negotiable for Cono Sur. Every step of the winemaking journey, from vineyard management to bottling, is executed with a relentless pursuit of quality. This dedication is evident in each bottle, as Cono Sur consistently delivers wines that meet the highest standards.

Finally, Cono Sur shows a deep respect for the environment with sustainability and environmental consciousness being at the core of Cono Sur’s ethos. With a profound respect for the land, the winery employs sustainable practices to ensure that its operations have a minimal impact on the environment. This commitment to responsible winemaking not only preserves the earth but also enhances the flavours and characteristics of the wines.

The partnership between Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery and the 5th Annual British Restaurant Awards marks a harmonious union of culinary mastery and vinicultural expertise. As the official Wine Sponsor, Cono Sur will offer event attendees the opportunity to sample their exceptional wines, providing a sensorial journey that complements the gastronomic delights on offer.

Cono Sur’s wines are more than just beverages; they are a testament to the brand’s unwavering dedication to crafting moments of joy and shared experiences. 

As guests and media converge to celebrate culinary brilliance at the British Restaurant Awards, they will be greeted by Cono Sur’s exquisite selection, enhancing the overall ambience and adding a touch of elegance to the occasion.

Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery’s selection as the official Wine Sponsor for the 5th Annual British Restaurant Awards elevates the event to new heights of sophistication and enjoyment. Through their commitment to quality, innovation, and environmental stewardship, Cono Sur continues to redefine the boundaries of winemaking. As glasses are raised in celebration, let us toast to the fusion of gastronomy and viticulture, and to the shared passion that unites Cono Sur and the British Restaurant Awards in an unforgettable experience.

For more information, check out Cono Sur’s official website.


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