Eden Perfumes Announced as Official Bronze Category Sponsors of the National Film Awards 2020

Brina Curum
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The National Film Academy have announced Eden Perfumes as an official bronze category partner of the National Film Awards 2020. The National Film Awards 2020, will take place on the 20th of March in London to celebrate all of the past years achievements in film. Eden Perfumes will be sponsoring the Best Actor and Best British Film categories. Eden perfumes is a family run business that started in the heart of the cosmopolitan & vegan city of Brighton, creating high end luxury, organic, ethical & affordable fragrances. Fragrances that will bring back memories and good times. Their ingredients are 100% vegan , cruelty free and ethically (sustainably) sourced
 Eden Perfumes use organic ingredients where possible and their entire range of fragrances contain between 80% and 90% certified organic ingredients.

“We are so passionate about our job and love to create perfume.

We love animals too much to experiment on them.

We love nature too much, we encourage recycling.

We love humans too much, we want you to use our botanical perfumes.

We love our customers, we make our perfumes affordable.”

“We match your favourite perfume! ♥ 100% vegan and not tested on animals! We are the newest vegan and non-animal tested perfumes & cosmetics seller in the UK”

At EDEN, they use vegan ingredients (jasmine, vanilla, passion fruit, musk, saffron, oud, sandalwood and much more), they then blend them and create perfumes similar to your favourite popular fragrance.
Eden save on packaging and marketing and focus on creating a good perfume made to 15% intensity. All their fragrances are Eau de Parfum and NOT Eau de toilette. This is a healthy swap. Top quality fragrances handmade with vegan natural essential oils. Alternative 100% vegan equivalents to your favourite designer perfumes & aftershaves. Handmade in the UK. For your health, environment & pocket. To find out more about Eden Perfumes, make sure you visit their website, and check out their social media handles below! Facebook | Instagram
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