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Therése Neaimé  believes the past is history, the future is a mystery and the present is a gift offered to us to  live life to the fullest. This is a virtue ingrained in her programming from her childhood growing up  in Sweden as the daughter of a Swedish mother and a Lebanese father.   The singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, and motivational speaker decided early on to take charge of her own destiny. Despite being bullied in school, Therése became a successful track and field athlete. “Being an athlete taught me that with hard work and focus you can achieve a lot,” says Therése. “It also improved my confidence and my sense of who I am.” She has applied this mindset to her life ever since. “I believe life is about becoming the best version of ourselves. Following a path of excellence can be difficult, but not doing it scares me even more.”
That is why Therése never limited herself to being ‘just’ a singer, an actress or a speaker. Whenever she feels called to try something new, she commits to the challenge wholeheartedly. “Obviously, talent is important,” Therése explains, “but work ethic, belief in oneself, and a positive attitude are even better predictors of a person’s success in life.”

”Ask and you might receive! Dare and you will gain!” Therése says. “I truly believe that if you really want to inspire others, you must have been through the journey yourself.”  It feels she really draws inspiration from the principles of the Laws of Attraction which state that you are what you think and your state of mind plays a big part in what you eventually become. A positive mind is certainly one that wins in the real world.
In her talk, ‘From Dream to Reality’, she tells her personal story. The story of a little girl who thought she couldn’t sing who became a respected artist, making a living doing what she always wanted to do. Therése’s goal is to inspire people, be it through artistic expression or motivational speaking.The singer-songwriter’s music combines Therése’s Swedish and Lebanese heritage into a Scandipop/Arabic Pop hybrid that has charted worldwide. She has played concerts in the US, Europe and the Middle East with her own band, Neaimé. She has performed for NATO troops in Afghanistan, and opened up for Simply Red on their European tour. She was selected by the Swedish Government as a notable personality for the cause of Swedish-Arab relationships. Therése has been the Brand Ambassador for Volkswagen Middle East and an Ambassador for the Swedish Foundation for Children with Cancer.
She has performed for the King and Crown Princess of Sweden and at numerous VIP events. As an actress, she has had lead roles in both film and theatre.  Therése is also an author who recently published her book, ”From dream to reality”.
Therése also balances her career with being a single mother of three children. Once again, she shows that it is possible to reach your goals no matter how challenging it may seem. “Being a single mom never slowed me down,” says Therése. “I bring my kids along to work-related events whenever possible. I truly believe it´s a great experience for them.”

Her new single ‘Dance Love’  is designed to bring bodies straight to the dancefloor through a wildly colorful & catchy infusion of radiant sound – “Dance Love” will officially be out and available everywhere online on the 22nd of June this year!

After listening to ‘Dance Love’, I would say Therése  commands an advanced to elite singing and songwriting ability. You will find a musical personality that is hooky yet poppy and quite simply – takes no prisoners. Timing is spot on within this single. Vocals from  Therése are at times powerful and pretty much flawless. The strongest aspect of the production is the engaging feel you get from Therése .The song possesses straight forward contemporary pop with an edgy aftertaste. All in all great music to get your head wrapped around. Very uplifting, invigorating and therapeutic music and lyrical content. Simply put – music with an upbeat attitude like the title implies with thought provoking lyrical content rich in topics like love, life and empowering along the way. Overall very upbeat, powerful and at times joyful single with an amazing message that so many people deserve to listen and embrace. The single does a good job at capturing all this.

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