LIIYO resolves 2020 anxiety with their reflectively modernist Pop Ballad ‘Overwhelmed’

Laura Campbell
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Introducing London-based artist LIIYO who released his debut single ‘Bad Reaction’ in June 2020 after spending five years in KPOP-inspired pop groups. Under their new moniker, LIIYO nurtured and brought into fruition their authentic sound, one which delivers a darker, more grounded, and humanistic edge. KPOP remains an inspiration, yet their expression lies at the forefront of their sound that shares similarities to the likes of Troye Sivan, EXO, and Taemin.

The global pandemic may have put a halt to LIIYO’s live performances and made it impossible to enjoy the same highlights as they did in 2019 when they performed at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park 2019, but their contributions to the airwaves throughout 2020 have been equally as noteworthy. LIIYO, released their third single ‘Overwhelmed’ after connecting with their fans during the lockdown and finding out exactly what they needed to hear. As a result, an aptly overwhelming compassionate Pop ballad was born. Overwhelmed steers clear of prosaic proclamations, keeping it raw, real, and anything but superficial as LIIYO affirms that the feelings that left you feeling so alone in the preceding anxiety-soaked months were felt collectively. The modernistic feat of soul-infused Electronic Pop, produced by Will Henderson, comes with a KPOP twist while paying ode to 90s RnB and 80s Electro. More importantly, it gives those who want to tune in to a contemporary resonant track a solid offering of aural the comfort which reflects and absolves feelings of morosity.

LIIYO said:
“I wanted to make sure that my first ever ballad contained a strong, relatable topic that
listeners could identify with. Overwhelmed is a song about what happens when you can
feel anxiety rearing its head while you try to tell yourself that things are OK, but you’re
constantly getting that push back from your brain.”

Amelia Vandergast at A&R Factory said:
“From the first few notes, the sincerity starts to creep in and reassure you that
Overwhelmed is a safe track to sink into. The feeling of connectivity and solidarity which
LIIYO brought to the airwaves is priceless, especially in a time when so many people are
only just starting to understand anxiety what truly means. Undoubtedly, LIIYO will help
many to achieve that mindful resilience and understanding”.

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