“Millenium Falck’s new album, “Fall Of The Titans”

Laura Campbell
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Known as the visual time traveler and audio wizard from Finland. Millennium Falck has a knack for making music that is quite often literally out of this world and time. Sharing with listeners a glimpse into a futuristic landscape.

The artist’s latest full-length project is a 20 track epic that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats, hard-hitting tectonic house vibes enrapture the foundations of the album. Remaining consistent throughout.

“Betrayal At Crystal City” possesses some 80’s inspired synth-wave with robot backing vocals that seem to add to the cinematic feel of the record.

“Engame”also has some beautifully arranged Middle Eastern tones, sounding like something straight out of a box office hit. Filled with action, sharp turns, and alternative synth vibes.

The concluding section of the album is packed with variety and contrast, containing emotional piano pieces and house infused jams, the album is a superb collection and display from the artist. Effortlessly showcasing his ability to make outstanding and noteworthy records

Millennium Falck is one of the modern day artists that truly lets the music do all the talking.

There is no doubt at all “Fall Of The Titans” speaks and stand in a league of its own


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