Matt Stevenson
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DH: I have quite a timeless approach to fashion, I like looking back at what has been done before and seeing how I can update it. I believe it’s very important for women to understand their bodies and what works for them. Once we know that then we can have fun with fashion and the trends, which come and go while still looking and feeling our best. But I will say that you always need a pair of big Jackie O sunglasses in your bag, and a scarf is the most versatile, chic accessory; a silk one tied round your neck, hair, wrist or handbag.

You travel a lot between London, Brazil, New York, China and so many other places in between. How do you stay looking fresh and put together despite your hectic work schedule?

DH: I try not to allow life to become too hectic! I don’t work a regular 9 to 5 but I manage my time so I

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Matt Stevenson, is News Editor, for the National Post. With over 12 years of experience. Matt has worked for 16 newspapers and magazines from all across the UK and USA. His interest are politics, entertainment, travel, and culture.
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