Revolutionizing Beauty: A Candid Conversation with Tuna Ziver Yoney, Founder of Ziver Organiques

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In the dynamic world of skincare, a new luminary has emerged with a commitment to redefine beauty norms and embrace sustainable practices. Founded by Tuna Ziver Yoney, Ziver Organiques stands as a beacon of innovation in the beauty industry, spearheading what Tuna terms as “Clean Beauty 2.0.” In an exclusive interview, we sit down with Tuna to unravel the passion, vision, and transformative journey behind Ziver Organiques. We catch up with an exclusive interview with Tuna Ziver Yoney….

How did your product, service, come about?
The brand and the products are a result of personal transformation, seeking innovation and protecting the environment. The main mission is fully embracing upcycling and zero waste approach to reduce waste and pollution while giving the nourishment and glow to your skin. Develop a skincare routine that eliminates waste and pollution. We call it next generation “Clean Beauty 2.0” responsible beauty and skincare brand.

Our approach is to redesign how skincare and beauty is manufactured to transform from throwaway economy into one where waste is eliminated, resources are circulated, and nature is regenerated.

The journey starts by our founder Tuna Ziver Yoney, the passionate entrepreneur behind Ziver Organiques. With over 15 years in finance, Tuna’s path took an unexpected turn as he transitioned from numbers to skincare. His story is one of transformation – a desire to contribute meaningfully to the world. Being an avid skincare user, he was getting tired of brands greenwashing and witnessing the sluggish innovation within the cosmetic industry. Thus, he embarked on a mission to shake things up.

As he dig deeper in understanding of ingredients and formulation. He came across the rising innovation of upcycled and by product ingredients. The stories of these impactful ingredients touched a point in Tuna, where he can create a brand that breathes life into discarded resourced and sets a new standard for conscious skincare with real transparency.  Tuna invites you to join him in his transformative journey that embraces a future where your skincare choices isn’t just about looking good, but feeling about the footprint you leave behind..

What is the inspiration behind your brand name?
Brand name (Ziver) comes from Tuna’s grandfather whose was a prolific quilter and inspiration for him as he used to see the artwork and masterful handcraft of his grandfather’s patterns on many decorative furniture and bedding accessories. It is also his middle name. The word ‘Organiques’ means is the French word for  “organics/natural” , and it is a homage to France as the most innovative country for cosmetic ingredients.

What would you say has been your single proudest moment so far?
I was selected as the 1 of 5 finalists in Make Up New York 2023 Beauty Tank competition out of 85 global start up brands in skincare competition, and flew out to New York to present my brand there. This was a shark tank/dragon’s den style competition to pitch the brand concept to 5 expert judges. I was selected as runner up which was an outstanding result for me as a new brand confirming the viability of the brand. What was surreal for me to see my brand logo on the screen and speaking passionately about the brand in front so many people, it was real proud pinch me moment.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years time?
In 5 years I would like to see the brand growing to retailers like Sephora and SPACE NK and opening my first shop in Central London. However, truly I would like to see people and corporates embrace more of the concept of circular economy to reduce the plastic and food waste pollution. Cosmetic industry is the second  most polluting industry after food waste pollution, and there is a lot more to be done and just using natural ingredients isn’t good enough as the ingredients themselves are still resource intensive the way they are harvested. I believe that with the continuing innovation and advanced technologies, upcycling will be the future in all industries.

What would you say is your unique selling point?
The unique selling point is the brand is being very transparent and using advanced unique ingredients that are not gimmick but actually makes a difference in reducing pollution while providing the performance for your skin. For example, algae biowater that we use in our hyaluronic acid serum , which has 95% upcycled ingredients,  is replacing fresh water usage during manufacturing. This algae water is upcycled meaning, fresh algae collected from ocean is dried up and water is captured using condensation method. Meanwhile dried seaweed goes to human consumption, the captured evaporated water goes to cosmetic use. Benefit is not only replacing and reducing fresh water use but also providing mineral charged superwater that brings anti-aging benefits to the skin. That what we strive for as a brand.

How can customers find out more about your brand?
We will be soon launching, the customers can sign up on our website at to get notifications about our new launch and new products . As well as,  they can check our Etsy page to check out our current products.

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