Starbucks Bistro Boxes Take On Chain Restaurant Dishes

Laura Campbell
1 Min Read

Starbucks keeps pushing further and further afield from its core coffee business in search of the big bucks. They’ve tried publishing books, serving alcohol and installing small convection ovens to heat up breakfast wraps. Success outside the coffee arena has been mixed. But that hasn’t dissuaded its executives from trying new things.

Their latest foray into foodstuffs more complicated than muffins is the Bistro Box, introduced at selected Starbucks nationwide yesterday. The boxes, which sell for $5 and $6 depending on size, are being billed as healthy alternatives to most other fast food meals. They all include some combination of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and all are under 500 calories.

They look pretty good, considering what they might have been, especially the four appetizer options. But HuffPost Food noticed certain resemblances between the entree Bistro Boxes and dishes served at other chain restaurants. We decided to compare the four entree Bistro Boxes with their competitors at more established food chains.

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