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Africa’s No.1 album is released in Europe

This week,  the multi-award winning artist GRIMBA's  "African King" saw its European

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19 year old music producer talks inspiration and future plans

Introducing Alias Soulox, a 19 year old music producer who has been

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Evin turns a distraction from what would have been a hard time into positive

 Evin Gibson is an award-winning singer, songwriter, model, and actor with an

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A tribute to health heroes worldwide

COVID-19 has affected millions globally, and we all know someone whose household

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Van Hechter introduces us to the world of “Love Elastic”

Meet Van Hechter  a pop artist who grew up between Canada, France

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Andrés Javier talks ‘reckless’ with new release

Meet Andrés Javier, a Puerto Rican producer and singer-songwriter in New York City. Described

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From the Zombies to a new masterpiece experience

In 2019 The Zombies were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall

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Chartopping Ewreckage is flying high with single ‘Ocean’

Introducing Ewreckage whose name is becoming synonymous in the music industry especially

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Alex Genadinik releases his take on a Russian classic

One of Russia's most loved songs, known to most as the Georgian

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Neoborn Caveman releases echoes of life

Neoborn Caveman makes music to bring people together and show that  we

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