The best Gynaecologist in Mauritius

Jordan Kensington
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It is a huge calling  when one decides to take up the challenge of becoming a Doctor. However,  it is an even greater calling when one decides to practice in gynaecology,  a part of medical science that specifically focuses  on fertility, births and creation.When myself and wife decided to search the island of Mauritius for a gynaecologist. All the whispers from close family members and friends brought us to Dr. Seedick Beebeejaun.  He is regarded as the best  in gynaecology, obstetrics, invitro fertilisation,  endoscopic surgery in Mauritius. A huge title but upon meeting with  our Doctor we understood why he had  been bestowed and highly regarded by many.  With thousands of reviews from patients across the world. This Doctor has made it his duty to go above and beyond to provide a service that is laced with uniqueness, expertise, and love. Love a word which is very absent nowadays in many careers and practices. They say you can tell a good leader by the fruits they bear and this is apparent from the reception provided by our initial contact, the wonderful Mrs. Beegoo  to arriving at the clinic and taken immediately to a professional area with no wait time by the midwife. Every midwife, nurse or staff present joins the doctor in their bid to give an outstanding job leaving hundreds of customers happy. They are simply doing God’s work and despite the years of experience still posses the amount of enthusiasm and passion in every detail of what they deliver. I will personally say Dr. Seedick Beebeejaun’s service and staff rival some of the best private clinics i have come across in the UK and Scotland.

The man behind the title 

“Dr M Seedick Beebeejaun”  MBChB, FRCOG qualified in 1975 at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland where he also received his postgraduate training. He acquired new skills in endoscopic surgery in Singapore and Brussels. In 1990 he  set up The Gynaecology and Fertility Centre Ltd  with gynaecology, infertility and endoscopic surgery (also called key hole surgery or minimally invasive surgery) as his main practice. He performs most gynaecological operations and as a doctor, he believes first in “above all, do no harm” and that risk evaluation is crucial to success.

The  team at the Fertility Centre consists of experienced and qualified staff: fertility nurses, anaesthetists, physicians,  and support staff. They are committed to providing every patient with a warm and understanding environment while they seek diagnosis and treatment.

The clinic has a fully equipped operation theatre with world class facilities and most advanced technological equipment. We recommend this clinic if you are ever in Mauritius. It is an important role for mankind to set trends for others to follow. So, here is to hoping the next generation of Gynaecologist are inspired to follow in Dr. Beebeejaun’s footsteps in putting emotional intelligence and great service at the forefront of their practice.

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