The National Post interviews luxury watch brand, Noel Evans Watches

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The National Post were lucky enough to sit down with Noel Evans Watches, the luxury watch brand, sparking changes within the industry

What was the inspiration behind starting the brand? The two founders of our brand are ethnic minorities who never grew up financially privileged as some, hence they found it difficult in expressing themselves whether through the clothes they are wearing or through the limited opportunities available to them. Therefore, they decided to not to wait for opportunities but to create opportunities themselves. In setting up Noel Evans they were able to express themselves through the designs of the watches, website and all the marketing materials produce. In addition, our founders vowed to ensure that people can receive quality watches at affordable prices, allowing all consumers to express themselves through a Noel Evans timepiece.

To date what has been your biggest success with your brand so far?
Noel Evans was only founded this year in 2019 and we’ve already been seen in GQ magazine. This will be our biggest success to date as the quality of our watches was recognised and deemed to be fit to put in a luxurious magazine with such history. In addition, being in this magazine has allowed our brand to gain new opportunities and increase brand awareness which is important for all new brands.

What would you say is your best product? Our best product will have to be our London timepiece. The rationale behind this comes down it to be one of the first watches we’ve designed and spent the most time ensuring the details are correct. We had to ensure the strap was genuine leather to ensure durability through all conditions. As well as ensuring the casing of the watch is strong to resist any accidental knocks whilst making sure it won’t be too heavy on the wrist of our customers. Furthermore, our logo is placed in a unique position of our watch; it can be found on the face, buckle, case back and the crown. Hence, why we say that the quality of watches will never be sacrificed as we had to consider the factors mentioned and many more before we produce the final product that is available to our customers.

Do you have plans to launch any other products in the near future? We have plans to introduce another edition of watches after our feature in the National Reality Television Awards in September. The watches we will be releasing will be a completely different design to what we currently have in stores and is sure to be popular with our customers after doing extensive research.

Finally, what is the final vision for your brand? The final vision of our brand is to become a household name in the watch industry and we want our brand to mean more by aiding disadvantaged people through charity work or scholarships/bursaries. We also want our brand to stick to the fundamental principles our owners established when creating Noel Evans. This is that the quality of our timepieces will never be sacrificed, the products in which we offer will always be affordable to the general consumer, whilst also providing unique and innovative watch designs that meet the needs of the buyer.

To find out more about Noel Evans Watches, make sure you visit their website, and check out their social media handles below!

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