Big business can reduce its carbon footprint and help save the planet by utilising online coaching

Laura Campbell
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Ezra, one of the leading global providers of digital coaching, has revealed just how much total carbon has been saved as a result of their online coaching and how a Covid inspired move towards a more digital-enabled way of life could help the planet.

Ezra mapped out the location of each of their online coaches before analysing their client locations.

Ezra then looked at the number of sessions each client had completed before working out the estimated carbon required for a return flight per passenger, to see how much had been saved as a result of their clients completing their coaching online.

An estimated 1.91 tonnes of carbon is used for a return flight between the UK and US alone, while a flight from the UK to Australia and back will burn 5.52 tonnes.

Ezra’s data shows that this year alone, their clients opting to use face to face coaching will have saved an estimated 1,290.8 tonnes of carbon. That’s an estimated 107.6 tonnes every month, enough for nearly 20 return flights from the UK to Australia alone.

While online coaching not only saves time and money, the carbon saved by Ezra alone also brings a huge benefit to the environment.

Approximately six trees are required to offset just one tonne of carbon meaning Ezra’s online approach has enabled both the company and their client companies to reduce their carbon footprint dramatically. Had each coaching session required the coach to visit each client it would have required 644 trees to offset each and every month and 7,730 trees to offset the annual carbon usage.  

Founder of Ezra, Nick Goldberg, commented:

”At Ezra, we’ve always pioneered the approach of online coaching and of course, it brings a huge benefit in terms of time and cost requirements, providing a flexible offering to suit individual employees rather than the need for a dedicate to coach at mass.

However, the other very real positive is the wider benefit that online coaching brings to the environment. While the life of a personal coach might not sound incredibly glamorous, it’s certainly jet set, heading to all corners of the world to conduct corporate training days. By removing this need for travel, we’ve been able to dramatically reduce what would have otherwise been a hefty carbon footprint.

The current pandemic has arguably opened the eyes of many companies with respect to just how much can be achieved in a digital capacity and without the need to travel. While the worst is hopefully behind us where Covid is concerned, hopefully, many will now reevaluate where they can make a change to online practices on a more permanent basis, bringing a huge environmental benefit with it.”

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