Brand new social and e-commerce network launches to serve the multicultural community

Gary Williams
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Mokingo Group International today announced the launch of  Mokingo , a multi-cultural social media and e-commerce platform . Available on both desktop and mobile, Mokingo has spent the last five years creating a next-generation social network that is inclusive of a customized selling and shopping experience for every user. Anyone can join  Mokingo by registering at Merchants can register and create their store to sell on Mokingo by going to   .
Jordan Kensington commented “Mokingo plans to aggregate the fragmented social network community into a one-stop-shop for everything multi-cultural.   The term ‘Multicultural ‘ to me means everyone is invited as long as you support a society that believes in equality, unity and most importantly that we are all part of one race which is the human race”   
Jordan who was honoured by the Queen of England in 2018 for his contribution to the UK economy notes that the existing model for social network needs to be driven by multiculturalism at the forefront.  The rise of movements against racism have publicly highlighted the outcry from  communities who have felt underrepresented for decades. The current social media networks are usually a hot bed for racism with far-right groups often using them as a vehicle to further their cause.
“The issue is that most social networks do not what to deal with the issue of far right groups and racism on their platform. With Mokingo our strategy is to create a global community where all races African, European, Asian, and any race that feels marginalised can connect, share, motivate, inspire and celebrate unity”  Kensington added
The inclusion of a marketplace on the social media platform evens the playing field for smaller brands, and event managers who typically have limited capital resources, by offering a low-/no-cost means to distribute and promote products and services. Event organisers who have had to tailor their business to a much more virtual presence during lockdown can now use the events section of the platform to post events, invite members, and sell tickets directly from
Mokingo enables active lifestyle consumers to socialize and interact; create groups; start or join existing groups; and post pictures, videos and other content to share with their friends on their free social feed.  Post and Discover new products, classes and events. Connect with new like-minded friends they find in groups, create online communities, or events on Mokingo. Through an E-Money wallet already available, users can earn consistently with revenue credited directly to their accounts on Mokingo e-money accounts, redeemable anytime with one click.
Mokingo plans to roll out added features and services in phases, including a new digital bank Mokingo Money,  Mokingo Connect an app allowing users to make video calls, message each other, and conduct live video seminars and MOTAXI (a taxi and food delivery extension). The IOS and Android App versions of the platform will be announced in Phase 3 of the roll out. To register and join Mokingo. Log on to :
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