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Brand new social and e-commerce network launches to serve the multicultural community

Mokingo Group International today announced the launch of  Mokingo , a multi-cultural social media

Gary Williams Gary Williams

Entrepreneur launches Teen Republic campaign to get Teens into Business

This month sees successful British entrepreneur , Jordan Kensington launch a project

Laura Campbell Laura Campbell

Online retailer FashionNitty taking the fashion world by storm!!

Online fashion brand, FashionNitty is becoming the most talked brand after achieving over 3.9

Brina Curum Brina Curum

London entrepreneur, honoured by the Queen

Entrepreneur, Jordan Kensington was invited to Buckingham Palace on Valentine’s Day (14.02.18)

Laura Campbell Laura Campbell

How a London Entrepreneur created a multi-million pound brand

He has appeared on CNN, BBC World Service and ITV. Famously traveled

Laura Campbell Laura Campbell