Dad races against the clock from UK to Japan to witness birth of baby

Matt Stevenson
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BATHРMick Solomon, who is a Business Consultant by trade was working in Bath when suddenly he recieved a call from his wife who is Japenese that she was going into Labour.  An obvious air of panic is the usual sentiment for any would be father. However, there was only the small issue of his wife Yukie being thousands of miles away in her homeland of Japan.


“I was ready to fly out to join her for the birth early in 2011, when five weeks early her waters suddenly broke, and I got a phone call urging me to get on a plane,” Mick said.

So he hopped on the next flight, getting acquainted with “the entire Lady Gaga back catalogue” during the 12-hour trip from London to Tokyo.

Upon arrival, Yukie’s parents rushed Mick to the hospital in time for the birth. “You wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me,” he said.

The new baby was called Mikie, a combination of her parent’s names “which just happens to be a popular Japanese girl’s name”.

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