DAV!D&CLARA releases new single “Cut my baby loose,” 

Laura Campbell
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In his latest single, titled “Cut my baby lose,”u DAV!D&CLARA continues to impress critics and fans alike with his warm tonality, earnest lyrical style, and humble poeticisms – the best of which, I might add, could well be contained within the three and a half minutes this song runs.

The voice ascends into the heavens with a simple strut, but beyond his black and white delivery, there’s very little in “Cut my baby loose,” that I would describe as being unelaborate in nature. Like a warm ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy afternoon, this is one track almost guaranteed to shift your mood towards the positive no matter how many times it’s been played before.

I absolutely love the emotional depth created by the harmony between the vocal and the instrumental structure parts in the track, and whether you’ve been following DAV!D&CLARA’s career thus far or are just now getting into his music for the very first time, I think it’s clear that there isn’t anything forced in his execution here.

With lyrics such as “It’s a fire, burning deep in my desire. I love you, baby, there’ll never be another like you, in my heart, every beat, so much time stolen from us, but it’s still all love, love love. we’re killing each other, ain’t it sweet nothing, ain’t sweet suffering, hook: break my bones, take my eyes, string me up, let me bleed.
without your love, I ain’t nothing anyway leave my heart to beat once more, blindly in love, only for you. I can’t cut my baby loose, can’t cause I can’t give it up, it’s torture, but I love the burn on my cuts, just can’t cut my baby loose” It is clear that DAV!D&CLARA is focused on matters of the heart with this song and he manages to certainly put his thoughts and mind across in more ways than one

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