“Holos: The handmade luxurious skincare that nourishes skin health and supports it as it naturally ages.

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The National Film Awards  announced a sponsorship deal with Holos Skincare for the 10th annual prestigious awards which is set to take place on the 3rd July 2024 at Porchester Hall in London.

Holos Skincare is hand produced in Ireland. It is a luxurious skincare brand that nourishes skin health and supports it as it naturally ages. Holos takes a holistic approach, providing vitality for your skin, your wellbeing, and your world, through skincare that fits easily into your life. Bridging the gap between natural, green, ethical skincare; and science based, results driven skincare, it harmonizes Nature, Science and Consciousness to create skincare that allows the consumer to choose both ethics and results”.

National Film Academy was launched in 1999 as an academy that supports, mentors, and promotes filmmakers, actors, actresses, and talent that make up the motion picture industry. The National Film Academy launched the National Film Awards UK in 2015 and simultaneously launched the US version of the awards National Film & Television Awards USA in 2018. The National Film Academy also produces a series of annual festivals, premieres, workshops, conferences and seminars in the UK, France, South Africa, Germany, and USA.

Niamh Hogan, Founder & CEO, Holos Skincare said: “Holos Skincare is thrilled to sponsor the National Film Awards 2024. We are super excited to work with such a prestigious event to celebrate the best of the British film industry. We’re excited and curious to learn where this can take us in the future”

Holos is peta approved as Vegan and cruelty-free. Products are packaged in aluminium or glass and are recyclable. 75% of all the aluminium created in the world is still in use, infinitely being recycled. Holos has removed all plastics, scodix, lamination from boxes and with some products has removed boxes completely to minimise waste. Ingredients are sourced from sustainable suppliers and farmers, B-corp and ecovadis rated manufacturers and associated distributors. Products are handmade with minimal industrial production involved with products hand packaged resulting in the building of communities through employment. Holos is committed to creating results driven products to a backdrop of strong ethical standards.


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