Interview with Mauritian Photographer who is making waves in the Island…

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Many people want their dream jobs to represent their passions but not many get to live out their passions. It is usually a challenge to get up and decide to dedicate your life career to something that contributes to your happiness and finance at the same time. Mauritius based Photographer Akshay Raghoobeer is doing just that. We catch up with him for an exclusive interview with The National Post as he discusses his inspirations, passion, and career so far…

Can you give us an insight into what inspired you to become a photographer?
It all started in college where I used to take several pictures of my friends and the latter was convinced that I would definitely end up doing a career in photography. I started a professional career at La Piroque hotel for 2 years as a second shooter and then I went to work on a cruise ship for 5 years where I started as a photographer. I have gone through the different steps of a photographer, which starts from stage one to three and end up as a lead photographer, who manages the team of photographers on the cruise. I then succeeded, little by little, in various type of exam and started my training to work as an assistant manager. I am now based in Mauritius, where I own a studio and currently employ three people.

 They say to be a very good photographer, you have to have a keen eye, which means you should be able to see a situation that nobody else can see. So, can you tell us about the best photo you clicked or covered?
The best place I ever went to click a picture is definitely Alaska for its landscape which is unique. I would also like to add that it is a very nice place to take pictures mainly over the mountain range, cultural spots, and wildlife. Without a doubt, it is a state that I would definitely love to visit again.

That’s good and this leads to my next question. A photographer likes to travel and capture loads of good pictures. Can you tell us your top five countries which you would want to visit and take pictures of after this year of a pandemic?
I have traveled so much and visited so many beautiful places that I find it difficult to pick up a top-five (laughs). If I had to make a choice, the top five countries will definitely be Santorini, New Zealand, Dubai, Alaska, and Thailand.

 Akshay, for the people who would like to engage you as their photographer for different events, what will be the best way to get in touch with you?
It’s very easy. They just have to visit my Facebook page, Akshay Photography, or my Instagram page, Akshay_raghoobeer, and send me a private message.

 Akshay, do you have the last word to say to our readers?
I would like to seize this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 2021.

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