London-based Filipina Singer Releases Music Video While Stranded in LA due to Covid19

Brina Curum
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The world pandemic has certainly affected and left many stranded in various countries worldwide. This was the case for London based Filipino singer/songwriter Red Tan is a singer and artist who loves to make music inspired by electro-pop and other modern styles, where melody and energy are equally as relevant. Recently, she came out with a fantastic new song titled “Be There For You.” While promoting her single in the U.S., she got stranded because of flight cancellations due to Covid-19. The crisis didn’t stop her from promoting her music, but instead took advantage of the situation to release her music video. “Now more than ever, with the current Coronavirus situations affecting so many lives, people are feeling alone and helpless all around the world. A song like “Be There For You” actually serves as a reminder that love wins and it is the strongest force on this Earth. I just thought that this is a perfect time to release the music video and inspire people.”, Red Tan said during her interview.

This song in particular was written by Red Tan, as a heartfelt dedication to her son. She happened to be on her own in Southampton, and she managed to take the music created by Danny Hall to the very next level, with some amazing lyrics that are passionate and positive. It all came together so effortlessly, that the artist reportedly only needed about 30 minutes to really find the perfect “spot” for the lyrics to sink in with the music to perfection!


If you are a fan of artists as diverse as Halsey, Sia or even Katy Perry, this one is definitely going to be right up your alley, so do not miss out on this spectacular new music video release, which is exactly what the world needs in these difficult times we are experiencing!

In addition to Red Tan’s amazing lyrics and the song’s emotional impact, this track has a powerful and edgy vibe, which definitely helps the creative vision come together. Musician Danny Hall definitely did a great job with the background music, which stands out as a perfect fit with the artist’s beautiful voice. The arrangement is spot-on as well, giving the song an amazingly suitable structure.

Find out more about Red Tan, and do not miss out on the premiere of “Be There For You” on YouTube or Facebook. It is also currently available to listen on Spotify, as well as other music streaming platforms on the web.
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