Music Review: Lounge Act Jam – Lifelong Quarrantine

Matt Stevenson
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Whilst other musicians are busy writing and incubating during this global pandemic. Lounge Act Jam are destined to keep creativity and inspiration at the forefront by releasing ‘Lifelong Quarrantine’.

Life could be sometime tough especially during the current climate. Daily struggles encompass us, and whatever the cause may be, every one of us needs an outlet to allow our minds to be freed. For most of us, music is usually what we turn to, and the genre we choose varies from person to person. Every once in a while though, we may stumble upon a collection which instantly allows us to escape from whatever is holding us down or troubling us. Lounge Act Jam’s latest release ‘Lifelong Quarrantine’ is packed with down-tempo tracks put together for your general entertainment. No matter what genre you favor, if you are in need of a few hours of stress free tranquillity, these tracks will have your head cleared from the moment you press play.

Since their inception,  Lounge Act Jam have been going strong, delivering acoustic, instrumental, and chilled out versions of their music. If their previous release ‘Diabolical’ was anything to go by. We were in for a treat. Diabolical which was the previous release prior to Lifelong Quarrantine was  a  collection of songs built largely around an acoustic guitar with various drifting sounds and hazy sound washes and  vocals mixing around a six-string core.

The new ‘Lifelong Quarrantine’ kicks off with ‘Nights’  and the vibe is certainly one of reflectiveness. We loved the delivery and the fact that it was pretty difficult to put this into a box. With ‘Sitting back, waiting for northing’ , you seem to get the realisation that Lounge Act Jam are connecting with the millions of people around the world who have literally living in a world pretty much in limbo. As a strong believer of setting trends for others to follow, this sound ticks all the boxes.

Listen to Lifelong Quarantine by Lounge Act Jam on Spotify by clicking here now


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