Raymo’s latest single belongs in your playlists. Here’s why.

Laura Campbell
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Multi-award-winning singer/songwriter, Raymo writes effortless pop songs, yet is a formidable musician who has earned earning high-level credibility, including Winner-Best Dance/Electronic Recording for his single “Give Me Your Love” in the 2020 Indie Music Channel Awards well as dozen of placements in TV and film.

These days, the lines between dance music and pop have disappeared, and the world’s biggest DJs are just as likely to be headlining festivals, as they are swank Vegas clubs. Yet “Give Me Your Love,” with its pummeling electro riffs and soaring EDM/pop synths, stands as tall as anything released by the genre’s biggest names.

Certain dance tracks make no sense in any context other than blaring from dance floor speakers at a volume bordering on lethal. “Give Me Your Love” is one of them. This track’s electro-disco production functions like a VR headset that instantly makes you feel like you are cruising down a coastal highway in an expensive sports car, in the dead of night during a summer freedom ride in the ’80s. However, Raymo’s silken vocals betray it with an existential yearning, making “Give Me Your Love” a deceptively smooth soundtrack to potential trouble in paradise that is pure dance floor earworm.

The lyrics are salacious without being exploitative and the slick pop-electro romantic music will make you want to hit the dance floor and perhaps even show some skin as well. Crank it loud and feel your inhibitions crushed by the jackboot of pop hybrid EDM stormtroopers.

“Give Me Your Love” is a feel-good synthesizer-driven track that blurs the lines between pop and dance music but that stands as a beacon to show that music is a way of bringing people together on a dance floor, that people are good, and that they relish in being reminded about a thing called love.

Listen if you like: Duran Duran, Robbie Williams, or David Guetta.

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