Singer/Songwriter Zarah shows us a new love

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She is definitely a different breed of artist and her new album ‘A New Love’ proves she is certainly in a league of her own. The new album sees singer/songwriter Zarah delivering  an incredible masterpiece of  pop sounds. What makes all the tracks certified hits is the added ingredients of Zarah songwriting and her bold/strong vocals which are simply mind blowing.  Tracks like ‘Human’ , Circles, Moving on and the self-titled ‘A New Love’ really showcases the excellent nuances in her songwriting ability. We are simply loving ‘A New Love’ in the office and decided to catch up with the lady her self to find out her past, present and future.

A New Love

What inspired me to get into music?
I would say, the art of being someone or something creative inspired me when it comes to music. I love the fact that I can express my inner being, thoughts, or creativity without any judgements. Music has always somehow been involved in my life from a young age to now!

How would you describe your music?
I would describe my music as a “Pop/Rock/Soul” sound backed by powerhouse vocals and dynamic range and versatility.

What would you say is your recording or songwriting style?
I mainly write from personal experiences. If not my own personal experiences than from a few friends, associates, etc.My songwriting style usually starts with a catchy chorus than I build the remainder of the song. The main factor is to write a song that people can relate to in some form. Rather if it’s the beat, the melody, or the lyrics, all play the main factor when creating music. My recording style- I usually record a “rough mix” of my song before recording the actual track. This way I have an idea of what components sounds good and doesn’t.

Where would you see your music career in 5 years’ time?

Five years from now I would like to see my music career on a much higher level. I look to advance my music career, knowing plenty about the “business side,” developing my artistic/ musician skills, and hopefully, being a great example to up and coming musicians.

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