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Gary Williams
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I Am the One is Ryan Whyte Maloney’s latest hit. For this single, Ryan has delved into Alternative Rock and created an impossibly emotional, yet catchy song that is sure to evoke strong feelings in those who listen to it. This is easier to understand when you realize that this amazing single was written in one of the darkest times of his life. Fuelled by negative feelings and traumatic past experiences that left a deep scar in his being, Ryan Whyte Maloney pushed through it all and channelled those feelings to make art.

I Am the One features clean and melodic guitar tracks, light percussion and an excellent production. The strongest point of this single is, without a doubt and as you could expect, the vocal tracks! Ryan really has mastered his singing technique; dominating his voice in every single syllable he sings with masterful precision, I Am the One delights us with a wide range of voice, from a more relaxed, natural singing style, to screams, going through harsher parts to add up to the mix. Ryan has recorded several vocal tracks, backing each other up and rounding up the mix to be as perfect as it could possibly be.

Even more, I Am the One contains a strong anti-suicide message, in words of Ryan himself about this song: “I hope this song can be a mantra or a beacon of light in your life to merely say you’re not alone and everyone thinks of the dark thoughts that appear like a dark twin mirrored reflection. Wipe away that fearful reflection and know that tomorrow is another day to see what you’re still capable of becoming. You are worthy of live and were put on this earth to give energy and to be a working cog in this game of life. It’s never too late to start over again, it’s hard but every happy ending starts with a first step, so take yours today and make HISTORY remember you!”

I Am the One is a perfect way to get into Ryan Whyte Maloney’s music; a relatable, mellow hit that you will not be able to get out of your head once you have listened to it. An impressive piece of art that will give you chills and leave you begging for more.

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