The National Post meets Negi Arabani, Founder and CEO of NEGIARABANI

Brina Curum
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The National Post were lucky enough to sit down with Negi Arabani, Founder and CEO of NEGIARABANI. NEGIARABANI uses cutting edge technology, to make statement jewellery pieces. How long have you been in the Jewellery and Accessories business for? Actually, not long. I have started my business this year. What made you want to launch your own company? I have been making jewellery for quite a while but mostly as hobby and for myself. Fascinated by my work my friends were constantly asking me when I will start to sell my jewellery. One day I met a lady at one of the conferences I attended, and she said, you don’t need to have it all figured out. Just start and build from there. So finally, I decided to start my business. Describe the products that NEGIARABANI has to offer? Currently we offer all sort of jewellery from rings to necklaces and earrings and some fashion accessories such as key chains/bag charms. We merge technologies such as 3d design, 3dprinting and laser cutting with the traditional craftsmanship, design all products in San Francisco and manufacture currently mostly in California or New York.
The market you are functioning is already highly competitive. What would you say makes negiarabani different from other companies? True, any fashion and jewellery business is highly competitive. I think it ultimately comes back to the unique experience you deliver to your customers. I started with offering design variations and material choices that are not necessarily common but am constantly thinking about new ways of delivering a unique experience. What is your favorite product? I love the double finger statement ring. It is not the type of ring you can find everywhere and it took me quite a while to get the design right. It is very unexpected when you take it off your finger and show to people. You see how amazed they are that it is composed of two attached rings. NEGIARABANI is clearly very aware of the impact that waste and use of animal products has on our environment. Why is this so important, and should others take more care when entering to similar industries? As an animal lover I do think that all life matters, therefore it is a must for me to take an animal cruelty free approach. In addition, by doing so I am hoping to raise more awareness within consumers and brands that beautiful things don’t need to be produced at the expense of an animal life. Waste is unnecessary. I became more and more aware of the impact while I learned how some brands just burn the inventory they cannot sell. We hear that today’s consumers want everything now but then again, I do think it comes back to educating consumers of what the impact is. What would you say has been your proudest moment so far? As someone who has an eye on future more than on the past I like to be ahead of the game. As result I was very proud when I saw one of my earrings featured by WGSN in their 2021 trend report. I knew I was on the right track. You have received great reviews online. What would you say is the secret to keeping customers happy? Design great and quality products, speak to customers’ heart and show you care.
Where would you like to see NEGIARABANI in 5 years time? You should actually see bigger changes soon. The focus will be more and more on designing and delivering wearable art products vs. standard jewellery that consumers can buy anywhere. Our offers will be perfect for those with appreciation for modern art and unique/bold experience.  In addition, I will be looking into ways of building smart functions into my products to make them useful to those who wear them. This is more of a mid to long term plan, and as a fashion designer, I am also thinking of expanding this experience to actual garments beyond accessories. NEGIARABANI is the latest brand to be announced by the National Film Academy as joining the National Film and Television Awards as an official bronze category partner of the awards. NEGIARABANI are sponsoring the Best Scripted TV Series category, which sees shows such as Power, Top Boy, Fleabag and Killing Eve go head to head for the coveted award. To find out more about NEGIARABANI, make sure you visit their website, and check out their social media handles below! Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest
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