This Brazilian band wants to march their way into your hearts from deep in the rainforest

Laura Campbell
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When you blend a contemporary pop rock with modern Brazilian folk and mix it together with Portuguese lyrics, out pops Brazilian upcoming and independent artist, Gear.

Gear who was recently discovered on New Rock Stars, a new music blog known for having its finger on the pulse of the best-unsigned artists on the planet. They have been penetrating the Brazilian music scene with appearances from everywhere from parking lots deep in the rainforest to independent music Brazilian festivals in the Amazon, and to Programa Som Pará, on Brazil’s TV Unama-a popular college campus show that celebrates new music.

With “Além da Porta Azul”, Gear’s latest single, the music ranges from the earthy to the angelic, to both mysterious and plainspoken. It is obvious that Gear has been inspired by their fellow compatriots, Lo Borges whose musical genius has largely been referred to as sublime and haunting. The magic of Gear is that while one can discern all of their influences, their alchemy elevates it all to vibrate at their own unique frequency.

Even for those who do not speak or understand one word of Portuguese, the vocal harmonies, hooks, and orchestrations transcend the confines of language and strike at the heart. Music is the universal language of love-whether it be the love for a partner, country or place, “Alem da Porta Azul” is the sonic proof of that.

Listen if you like The Beatles, Neil Young, or 14 Bis.

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