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  • It’s today been proven that how a person likes their foods can reveal a lot about their personality – from their how they eat their pizza, whether they prefer jam or cream first on a scone, or how they like their eggs.
  • Personality traits for 15 polarising food preferences (including steaks well done vs rare, burgers with or without gherkins, toast golden or dark and chocolate at room temperature vs from the fridge) have been analysed,
  • Rare steak lovers are seen as extroverted and creative, whereas those that prefer it well done are likely to be considerate and thoughtful. Chunky chip eaters are considered hardworking, conservative, and loyal. On the flip slide, fans of their nemesis, the humble fry, are deemed trendy and youthful

How we prep and eat our food can directly correlate to our true personalities. From putting jam on a scone first signalling charming and courteous tendencies, to eating avocado smashed, revealing that an individual is passionate and honest.

Commissioned by Chicago Town Pizza, the UK’s leading frozen pizza brand, the research [expertly undertaken by psychologist Lee Chambers], dives into 15 of the most polarising food choices, and what they say about our personalities.

According to Chambers, those that prefer steak rare are people who might be described as extroverted, creative, and excitable who would usually be the one with high energy and passion in their pursuits.

Preferring steak cooked well-done suggests this is someone who takes things a little slower and conveys a considerate nature.

The gherkIN or gherkOUT debate with the humble burger has plagued Brits for years. Chambers attributes characteristics of bravery and optimism to those that prefer having the pickled delicacy in between their burger buns, wanting to add more to their meal, and subsequently, to their life.

Attentive with an eye for details were the identities of those that prefer their burger without gherkins, with the pickle not being a part of the bigger picture. They are faithful by default, believe in themselves and will back their position that there is a place for pickles and it’s not inside their bun.

Amongst other analysis, those that prefer an oven baked, crunchy Chicago Town Deep Dish are said to be assertive, headstrong, and conscientious. The golden crust of a crunchy deep dish notably symbolises the perfection that they strive for with meticulous attention to detail.

The gooey Deep Dish alternative, achieved by cooking in a microwave, aligns with someone that is more spontaneous and open to take risks.


  1. Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizza

Crunch – Firm, assertive, and headstrong

Goo – Spontaneous, sentimental, and easy-going

  1. Gravy

Thick – Deep, Decisive, Objective

Runny – Friendly, Humourous, Gentle

  1. Scones

Jam first – Dignified, Courteous, Charming

Cream first – Adventurous, Colourful, Daring

  1. Steak 

Rare – Extroverted, Creative, Excitable

Well Done – Considerate, Thoughtful, Assured

  1. Bananas 

Ripe – Subtle, Humble, Principled

Firm – Charismatic, Confident, Innovative

  1. Avocado 

Mashed – Passionate, Honest, Playful

Sliced – Reliable, Sophisticated, Methodical


  1. Toast

Golden – Perfectionist, Practical, Popular

Dark – Free-willed, Adrenaline Seeker, Self-sufficient

  1. Eggs

Hard boiled – Patient, Resilient, Prudent

Soft boiled – Reactive, Imaginative, Energetic

  1. Chips

Fries – Curious, Trendy, Youthful

Chunky – Hardworking, Conservative, Loyal

  1. Peanut Butter  

Crunchy – Resourceful, Thorough, Warm

Smooth – Peaceful, Romantic, Level-headed

  1. Bacon

Crispy – Witty, Persuasive, Fun-loving

Chewy – Good-natured, Kind, Tidy

  1. Burger 

Gherkin – Optimistic, Courageous, Carefree

No gherkin – Faithful, Attentive, Idealistic

  1. Chocolate

Fridge – Aspiring, Cultured, Farsighted

Room Temp – Dynamic, Simple, Collaborative


  1. Pancakes

American-Style – Action-orientated, bold, dramatic

Crepes – Intelligent, Contemplative, Tolerant


Garden – Honourable, Observant, Shrewd

Mushy – Liberal, Personable, Sympathetic

Lee Chambers, expert psychologist, says “We don’t often look deeply into what and how we eat. However, the way we prepare and eat our food can say a lot about who we are and our personalities”

How we prepare our food is often a window into how we plan and build our lifestyle. As for how our food is at the point of eating, it shines a light on the type of person we are, whether we play safe or like risk, competitive or relaxed, and even be symbolic of what you represent. And whether you prefer a gooey Deep Dish or a crunchy Deep Dish, there is always something for you to learn about yourself from the plate in front of you.”

Rachel Bradshaw, Marketing Manager at Chicago Town said: “Our work with Lee has given us some great insight into how our food choices can reflect our personalities – including our Deep Dish pizzas, which can be enjoyed either oven baked or microwaved. Both ways offer delicious Deep Dish, loaded with toppings and lashings of our signature tomato sauce. What team are you on – Crunch or Goo?”

Chicago Town has also partnered with reality TV superstars Sam Thompson and Pete Wicks to help the dynamic duo learn more about themselves in line with their food preferences, all whilst getting their hands on some tasty Chicago Town Deep Dish pizza oooozing with cheese – delicious! (You can view the full video here)

With 2.5m followers on Instagram, the pair found themselves in the middle of heated debates including the divisive Chicago Town Deep Dish cooking preference – Crunch vs. Goo. Pete prefers the crispy and crunchy option, achieved by cooking for 22 minutes in the oven, suggesting he is firmer and more assertive than his partner in crime. Having a liking for crunchy crusts also outlined Pete to have firm boundaries, akin to the golden walls of a Deep Dish pizza.

Sam on the other hand, leans towards a gooey Deep Dish, straight out of the microwave. The soft and gooey Deep Dish signifies Sam to be the more sentimental and spontaneous out of the two, who also doesn’t mind taking risks – especially as the gooey cheese and tomato sauce has potential to get messy!

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