Dion Owen: A Comedic Cyclist Taking the London Comedy Circuit by Storm

Jordan Kensington
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In the vibrant world of comedy, where laughter is the currency and talent is the key, Dion Owen, a Canadian comedian and dedicated cyclist, has emerged as a rising star. Hailing from a small town in British Columbia, Canada, Dion has captured the hearts and funny bones of audiences across the globe. With his unique blend of wit, charm, and a dash of physical prowess, he has quickly become a force to be reckoned with on the London comedy circuit.

Having spent nearly a decade honing his craft in Montreal, Dion’s comedic journey took an exciting turn when he acquired a British passport. This opened doors for him to venture across the pond and make a name for himself in the United Kingdom. Armed with his quick wit and an arsenal of jokes, Dion jokingly quips, “I’m over here taking your jobs,” showcasing his playful sense of humor and ease with connecting to his audience.

Dion’s talents extend far beyond the comedy stage. As an avid cyclist, he has seamlessly merged his passion for comedy and cycling, creating a unique niche for himself. In 2019-2020, Dion embarked on his largest cycle and stand-up tour, which consisted of an impressive 200 shows in 10 countries over the span of seven months. This ambitious endeavor showcased his dedication, energy, and ability to captivate audiences while traversing different cultures and landscapes.

His journey to international recognition began with a sold-out run of his solo show, “Cyclopath,” at the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2019. This critically acclaimed performance cemented his reputation as a comedic force to be reckoned with. Audiences were treated to a hilarious and heartfelt exploration of his experiences as a cyclist, weaving together personal anecdotes, observational humor, and keen insights into human nature. Dion’s ability to seamlessly combine his passion for cycling and comedy was a testament to his unique comedic voice.

Continued Success and International Recognition: Following his successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe, Dion’s star continued to rise. In 2022, he once again graced the festival stages, leaving audiences in stitches and garnering rave reviews. His comedic prowess caught the attention of renowned comedy festivals, including Utrecht and Glasgow International Comedy Festivals, where he was featured as a standout performer. Dion’s ability to connect with audiences on a universal level, transcending cultural boundaries, solidifies his place as a truly international comedian.

I witnessed him in action several months ago at the Top Secret Comedy Club in London.  Dion Owen’s performances at the Top Secret Comedy Club in London left audiences clamouring for more. With each joke expertly delivered and punchline perfectly timed, it became evident that Dion possesses a rare comedic gift. His ability to draw laughter from the depths of the audience’s souls is a testament to his natural talent and relentless pursuit of excellence. Dion’s stage presence, magnetic personality, and infectious energy make him a true entertainer and a pleasure to watch.

Owen’s comedic journey from Canada to London has been nothing short of remarkable. With his distinctive style, clever storytelling, and adventurous spirit, he has carved out a place for himself on the British comedy circuit. From his sold-out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to his international tours, Dion’s star continues to rise, captivating audiences around the world. As he blazes a trail of laughter and spreads joy wherever he goes, Dion Owen is undoubtedly a comedian on the cusp of greatness. Keep an eye out for this comedic cyclone as he continues to conquer stages, one laugh at a time.

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