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By watching her father practicing his craft and going to Jazz evenings with him, Jas started to understand the breakdowns of music, listening out for musical errors and correcting them in her mind. By listening to Jas’ new single, Love Drug, you can gather this strong musical ability instantly that has developed from a young age.

Having had a brief gap in her career, Jas has now returned with a new distinct sound that explores and fades into many different genres to create music that is new and exciting to listen to.jas

In coming back into the industry, Jas decided to recreate up to date material and pitch projects on Music Gateway. Through this she began to connect with other like-minded musicians from all over, expanding the boundaries of her musical ability and exploring ways that have made her projects more sincere.

In the last 6 months Jas’ musical career has come back with a bang. Working with people from all across the globe, she has completed entire albums, had featured artist shows and had tracks published from the ex-Director of Universal. With working from Deep tech, Urban, R&B and dance tracks, Jas has written and recorded vocals for many different genres of music creating her own distinct sound and image.

Jas’ first project that she began working on was with Patrik Remann from PR Records in Sweden, establishing music fans from outside the UK. Together they created a Deep Tech album that is going to be released in September this year.

“I haven’t worked with anyone in Sweden before this project and I’ve enjoyed working with musicians outside of my hometown as its beautiful to work with other likeminded creatives from other cities and your music can be heard and enjoyed in other Countries.”

As well as an Urban /R&B album produced at Cypher Crew Entertainment to be released later this year, and working on a dance track with Alex Savanin, Jas has been working with Alex from Colddwarf productions on four dance tracks, writing and recording the vocals herself. This exciting project that worked on by Jas and Alex has landed its way into the hands of Steve Cole the former director of Universal and now with Fantasy music which they will be publishing at some point this year.

To add to all this hard work and excitement, Jas now has her new single, Love Drug, coming out soon.Combining trance, soul RnB and a hint of a dub to give that extra depth to the song, with Jas’ soulful and expressive vocals, Love Drug has created a refreshing new sound that is receptive to all. With this song we find excitement from the RnB and that extra magical feel from the trance making you want to listen again and again to make sure you haven’t missed a trick.


Produced by Whodiniz from Cypher Crew Entertainment, with the vocals written and sung by Jas, Love Drug is about a woman falling in love again with someone who truly loves her and how excited she is about this.

“Her hopes of meeting the one are not crushed, it’s mostly men that write songs like this for women but it’s not that often that women do for men. I wanted to express that love and long term relationships still exists and you don’t have to settle for just anyone you can still meet your soul mate. I wanted the song to be dreamy because most of us women are still hidden princess’s dreaming of a Prince charming somewhere in this world, I wanted something fresh, different and to bring hope again.”

Love Drug will be out now on ITunes. Love Drug is the first of many exciting things that we are going to be hearing from Jas and we can’t wait for what’s to come.

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