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ntroducing Tim Trilioni is a New Orleans Native who’s grown up literally most of his life around all genres and music forms. He fell in love with Jazz music from a young age performing at local jazz clubs, churches and events. As an artist, Tim Trilioni does not feel artists should put boundaries on their musical expression and it shows in his work. He loves Afro Beats and Kwaito. He is currently discussing potential collaborations with artists from these genres in the near future. Tim Trilioni is also a producer, song writer and director. In Trilioni’s spare time he organizes charity events for the homeless and local community youth programs. He splits his time among the many external projects he’s working on and recording in preparation for the release of his upcoming EP, set to drop September 10, 2020. In Tim Trilioni’s single By My Side the production is apparent from front and center, crafting a space that is warm and organic, packed with earnest handclaps and toasty tones that accent Tim Trilioni’s buoyantly nuanced vocals that deliver the wholesome, engaging lyrics with ease on By My Side. It’s rich, flowing, and engaging through and through and sets the table perfectly for the subtle beauty. Again, the arrangement is warm and open, with lyrics packed with warmth and honesty.

Coronavirus , his next single  brings a little more energy to the party depicting a time that has seen so much people going through great loss with the pandemic. This poignant period we have been through is  one of the definite highlights here, showcasing Tim Trilioni’s . His lyrics  continue to be sublime, smooth and elegant while conveying plenty of emotion alongside a soundscape that is filled with engaging, laid back elements that complement the artist’s lyrics of praise.

We decided to catch up with Tim Trilioni for an interview to find out the man behind the music.. 

What inspired you to get into music?
Music comes very naturally to me. I hear it in everything, people talking, birds chirping, thinking back on stressful relationships, societal decay….you name it. I hear it and feel it in the form of rhythm. I use these natural occurrences as my source of inspiration to write.

How would you describe your music?
My music is natural, organic and real. I channel everything into my music–from the words I’m using in a song to the tone and rhythm of nature or machines I hear everyday. This thing is a science to me and at the same time spiritual. It’s very intimate. It’s my personal expression and soul language if you will –to speak my own being into the world.

What would you say is your recording and song writing style?
My song writing style can be anything from straight up rock and roll and grunge to streets and HipHop. But sometimes when I’m feeling melancholy I may get a lil’ pop, maybe soul if I’m feeling it!!

Where would you like to see your music career in 5 years time?
In 5 years I’d love to see my music being played as soundtracks for people’s lives that earnestly arelooking for someone or a medium that rhymes with their struggle and their brokenness. It’s a shame many of us live life not having that type of connectivity with people because many people are either dealing with their own things or straight up not genuinely interested in looking out for you as you do

Where can music fans listen your music?
Fans can check me out on Spotify, Apple Music and any other major music platforms!

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