SABRHERO: A Luxury Tennis Brand Rooted in Performance and Style

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SABRHERO, the luxurious British sports and tennis brand, is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 12th annual National Reality TV Awards. Known for their exquisite blend of performance and style, SABRHERO is a brand that believes in the power of nurturing one’s abilities to enhance oneself from within.

Co-founded by international tennis player Alpha Ambaye, SABRHERO is the result of Alpha’s personal journey in search of better equipment that was not only performant but also elegant. After testing over 80 rackets in three months, Alpha decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own racket that would meet her needs. The result was so impressive that it caught the attention of other tennis players and fans alike.

Teaming up with budding designer Theo Fancellu and international business student Mir Ambaye, Alpha set out to create a brand that is unique and combines the best of luxury and performance. The team embarked on a quest to create tennis equipment, apparel, and bags that were fit for the court and the catwalk. They used data collected from over 150 players, including experienced tennis coaches and young professional juniors, to create prototypes that combined beauty with sheer design to produce tennis equipment fit for a hero.

SABRHERO’s products include tennis rackets, bags, and apparel that feature bold block colors combined with sleek, fresh lines using top-of-the-range materials. The brand’s ultimate goal is to provide players with the feeling that the impossible is now possible, and that they are capable of becoming a better version of themselves.

The brand’s leitmotif is simple: everyone deserves the right to believe in themselves. Their goal is to support, encourage, and carry players through their moments, whether they’re a weekend-warrior or a budding professional.

SABRHERO’s success lies in their attention to detail, quest for performance and excellence, and dedication to customer service. Their commitment to making players feel like heroes on and off the court has earned them a reputation as one of the best British sports and tennis brands in the market. As they sponsor the 12th annual National Reality TV Awards this year, SABRHERO continues to inspire and empower players to reach for their dreams and believe in themselves.

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