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TikTok’s Stars Mckenzi Brooke and Reif Harrison with 15 Million Followers who just  performed at NYFW. Mckenzi Brooke is a huge social media powerhouse who racked up over 15 million followers and 100 million views over the pandemic. Now Mckenzi can be seen on new TV Shows, Dance Battles, and even a new Tik Tok toy dropping this fall.

She just came off a huge headlining performance this past week at Playlist live in Orlando FL and just dropped a new song with Lattin Grammy Award-winning Afro Bros.

Mckenzi Brooke and brother Reif Harrison rose to fame over the pandemic by doing dance videos and challenges on their TikTok and YouTube. Both with a background in dance and performance art they just did what came naturally and people loved it. Now to the tune of 15 million followers and 100 million views across all social media the two are TikTok’s sweethearts with a cult-like fan base.

These talented young stars are in high demand and are now off to the biggest platform for young Hollywood, NYFW 2022 happening this weekend in New York City.

The duo is performed at three major venues in the city including the official NYFW Kick-Off Party  Thursday, September 8th at The Headquarters of Society New York fashion week Hall of Mirrors.

We managed to catch up with them for an exclusive interview..

What Inspired you to get Into music?
My family inspired me to get into music. Music was something that was always in my life. Then one day I got inspiration from a hater and wrote my first song called “17”.

How would you describe your music?
I would describe my music for any kid, teen, or adult to get up and listen to.

What would you say Is your recording and songwriting style?
My style of making music is I usually think of a melody in my head and then I come up with lyrics to go with that melody. After I finish the lyrics I go to a recording studio with a producer/engineer and we come up with the instrumentation. Then when that’s done we record the vocals.

Where would you like to see your music career In 5 years time?
In 5 years I would like to see myself as an artist. What I mean by that is that I’m known for my singing not just for dancing and social media following. And hopefully, in the 5-year span, I would have inspired a lot of kids to follow their dreams and always be themselves.

Where can music fans Listen to your music?
Fans can go stream my music on All platforms; Spotify, apple music, pandora, iTunes, youtube, amazon music, Deezer, audiomack, tidal, SoundCloud, and Napster. You can also make videos of my music on TikTok, Instagram, youtube shorts, and triller.

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