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Pure Beauty Collagen, one of the most successful and renowned beauty supplement brands, is proud to announce its sponsorship as a Bronze category sponsor for the 9th annual National Film Awards.

Founded by Miss Anne Cruz, a CEO and mother of two, Pure Beauty Collagen began its journey in the beauty market as a reseller of glutathione products in the Philippines, eventually expanding its reach to international clients. In 2016, Miss Anne Cruz started exploring the manufacturing of beauty supplements and successfully created her first product, inspiring her to experiment with various ingredients and formulations.

After many trips around the globe in search of the most potent formula for a beauty supplement, Miss Anne Cruz pioneered Pure Beauty Collagen in 2019, which quickly led to the establishment of the brand. The products under the brand are manufactured in and imported from Japan, boasting high-quality ingredients that aid in giving youthful, nourished skin.

Pure Beauty Collagen offers two forms of their product: powder and liquid. The powder form contains Japan-quality marine collagen that serves as protein for the skin, hair, and nails, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains CoQ10, Hyaluronic Acid, and Pearl Coix Extract, among other high-quality ingredients, to provide a youthful and nourished appearance. On the other hand, the liquid form, Pure Beauty Collagen Repair Drink, is one of the most advanced collagen drinks in the world, containing six essential ingredients that significantly reduce signs of aging.

Despite being launched in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pure Beauty Collagen’s two products immediately garnered positive feedback and became huge successes. Three years later, the brand has received numerous awards, cementing its place among the best and most effective beauty supplements in the market.

As a Bronze category sponsor for the 9th annual National Film Awards, Pure Beauty Collagen aims to support and celebrate the film industry’s talents and achievements. The brand is thrilled to be a part of this prestigious event and hopes to continue making a positive impact in the beauty market and beyond.

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